From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Amy Scott has been paying good money to see a female clairvoyant named Madame Zillia. She’s also been paying Paul to find a drunken young man named Tommy Stiller. Paul can’t believe that a level-headed woman like Amy would believe in a fortune-teller, even one as prominent as Madame Zillia. But Amy has her reasons. First, her name isn’t Amy Scott, it’s Arnell Stiller, and Tommy is her brother. Their father, Leonard Stiller, committed suicide after having suffered through a divorce and bankruptcy. Arnell believes that sittings with Madame Zillia caused her father to make poor business decisions and ultimately led to his death. She’s been tape-recording her sessions with the seer in order to prove the woman a fraud.

After her tape recorder is stolen from her room, Arnell knows that someone is on to her. Then, her landlord is murdered and she’s arrested. The motive is simple. The dead man was secretly Madame Zillia’s partner in her dealings with Leonard Stiller.