From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised)
Bill Williams makes his final appearance on Perry Mason playing a losing football coach named Burt Payne. Burt and his wife, Ellen, own the Wildcats professional football team. Burt wants to sell his 10 percent ownership to a group of investors and even gets a down payment from them. However, Burt needs his wife’s approval, and she is not interested. After Ellen meets with one of the buyers aboard a train, Burt is apparently killed in an explosion.

The episode climaxes with a chase scene filmed at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Perry actually runs as he and Paul pursue a shadowy figure who provides the key to the case.

Youngish members of the L.A. Rams, including well-known quarterback Roman Gabriel, appear as themselves throughout the episode. Character actor Karl Swenson wins the award for “Worst Imitation of an Eastern European Accent in a Dramatic Series.”