At 25 (in addition to the principal cast), this episode has the largest credited cast size of the series. Submitted by daveb, 5/1/2007.
+ Crazy Credits bloating the cast total, of course, was a sizable portion of the LA Rams roster (see below). Curiously, tho, rather than being given names, or simply described at "Football Player", they were listed as "playing [them]self"...a non-sequitur given that they were players on a fictitious team. Notcom, 081519.

Bill Williams (husband of Barbara Hale) makes his fourth and final appearance on the series. Interestingly enough, he does not have any scenes with his wife. Submitted by Kenmore 08/17/2023
+But notice how glowing and beautiful Della looks in this episode. I thought she looked particularly well and wondered why--perhaps it was the presence of her husband. Submitted by Miss Carmody, 1 May 2024.

Near the end of the episode, Lt. Drumm stands at one of the exit tunnels watching Perry and Paul as the crowd files past him. Don Anderson, with his familiar hairstyle and the thick-rimmed spectacles he often wore in the later episodes, is just barely recognizable among the football fans. Submitted by FredK 21 April 2012.

Richard Anderson appeared in 26 original Perrys (as Lt. Drumm, a state senate candidate & a corporate VP), "The New Perry Mason: TCOT Telltale Trunk," "PERRY MASON RETURNS," 5 Ironsides, 7 FBIs & a Wild, Wild West [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 2.14.15.
+ This is funny, and I just noticed after all these years: Lt. Andy Anderson was replaced by Lt. Drumm for the final season, who is played by Richard Anderson OLEF641 9/10/21

Sightings: I spotted Miss Carmody in the court (back row) and also the young brunette (front row near end). Perry Baby 12/15/13

It sounded like "Receptionist" Sue England was also the operator's voice at the beginning of 12th Wildcat. She was in 5 Perrys & voiced a "Female Robot"/"Space Control Officer" in "Lost In Space" & a "Woman's Voice" in "The Death Watch" episode of "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" (Uncredited) [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 2.18.l5.

There's something unusual about today's title....give up??
It's the only one of the 271 in which the subject is Perry himself; (Paul and Hamilton were also subjects of other titles, but Della was never so honored.) Oberved by Notcom, 060916.

This cameo is the only PM appearance for LA Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel. He would later play Lt. Holloway in one episode of "Ironside"...MikeM. 3/15/2017
+Roman Gabriel passed away on 20 April 2024. Submitted by Miss Carmody, 1 May 2024.

This is the only PM appearance for Ivy Bethune (Mrs. Frye), who was born in Russia and, according to IMDb, might now be 100 years old...MikeM. 7/25/2018

The Train: The Southern Pacific Daylight is the train shown running from Salinas to Glendale, and the shots do seem to correspond to the landscape at the places mentioned. This route is now the Amtrak Coast Starlight. Submitted by catyron, July 23rd, 2018
+ As 'catyron' noted, the train shown is properly lettered for the SP, and the station stops the conductor calls out correspond to the Coast Route; tho since it's already dark in Salinas, it would seem more likely to be an overnight train like the least if they were travelling on a scheduled train: but it's clearly labeled as a "special", so the whole routine of calling out stops - or even having any - makes little sense. Nitpicked - reluctantly - by Notcom , 081519.
++ I don't think the train is a true "Special". At about 7 minutes in, after Ellen asks Casey where Burt is, he says "I can make myself take it when he books train . . reservations . . at the last minute". Arrangements for a true Special must be made well in advance, and the cost likely would have been out of reach anyway. The nice thing about a train is that extra cars can be easily added, so I'm guessing the "Special" was the regular train with a couple of banners slapped onto the cars occupied by the Wildcats. OLEF641 9/10/21

This is the second of two PM appearances for Regis Toomey (Andy Grant), whose career in films and television lasted more than fifty years. Toomey was memorably cast as LAPD Sergeant Les Hart on the ABC series "Burke's Law". Regis Toomey married in 1925 and outlived his wife by ten years, passing in 1991 at the age of 93...MikeM. 7/25/2018

There's a great shot of Fremont Street in Vegas --- before the canopy over the street was installed. jfh 25Jul2018.