From The Perry Mason TV Show Book (Revised) Carol Delaney is a lovely young woman from the Midwest living happily in Los Angeles until Arthur Mallory, a stuttering bishop from Australia, walks into her life with a wild tale of adoption and inheritance. Mallory claims Carol is actually the granddaughter of multimillionaire Charles Burroughs, that he placed the infant Carol with a loving family at the request of her mother following the death of her husband, Charles Burroughs, Jr. To complicate matters, another young woman has come forward claiming to be the heir to Burroughs's millions. When the stuttering Bishop Mallory brings Carol Delaney and Charles Burroughs together, he expects a joyous reunion.

But when Burroughs is stabbed to death Carol becomes the main suspect. Perry must prove not only Carol's innocence, but her right to inherit Burroughs's name and fortune.