CARS: 1959 Ford Skyliner retractable, black, medium interior, top down (Mason), 1959 Plymouth 4dr hardtop (roof & interior only), 1959 Plymouth Savoy 4dr sedan, black & white (Police). From The Cars by Greg Cockerill.

Based on the Erle Stanley Gardner novel of the same name, The Case of the Stuttering Bishop was previously made into a movie in 1937. Donald Woods starred as Mason, with Ann Dvorak as Della Street.
+ In the 1937 motion picture adaptation, Burger's name is pronounced with a 'j' sound, and not a hard 'g' (Ber-jer). Submitted by Chief Kurtz 10 January 2022

Location: The home occupied by Charles Burroughs would be used again only three episodes later, #62 TCOT Howling Dog. Oh, there is different furniture, and some things have been rearranged, but the distinctive double doorway entrance, and the sun burst over the doors gives it away. Submitted by PaulDrake33.

When Philip Burroughs is being sworn in off camera, the “I do” is clearly in the distinctive voice of actor Ken Lynch (Wallace Lang).

Killer Karl Davis (pictured above) makes his only appearance on Perry here playing Leo Kaster. Most people would think that Killer is a strange name for an actor, but Karl Davis was orginally a professional wrestler, and Killer was his ring name. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 11 August 2009.

Herb Ellis makes his only Perry appearance here playing the Deputy District Attorney. Herb Ellis was the original Officer Frank Smith on the original Dragnet in 1952 for 8 episodes before he was replaced by the more familiar Ben Alexander playing the same role. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 11 August 2009.
+Although this is true, it should be noted than Sgt. Joe Friday had two partners before Officer Frank Smith: Sgt. Ben Romero, played by Barton Yarborough, who died shortly after the series started, and Sgt. Ed Jacobs, portrayed by Barney Phillips for the remainder of the first season. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 1/24/13.

Sightings: The Little Old Lady in a Hat sits behind Distinguished Gentleman #1 and “Miss Carmody” (who sit behind Janice Burroughs) in the courtroom. All three have moved to new seats on the defense side when court reconvenes. More about these frequent courtroom spectators here. Submitted by gracep, 8/23/2010. Additions by alan_sings, 16 Oct 2010.
+Little Old Lady #2 sits in the last row behind Perry with a hat. The Distinguished Lady #4 sits behind Miss C. submitted by BigBill767, 2/4/17.
Movie: This story was made into a movie released in 1937 with Donald Woods as Perry Mason and Ann Dvorak as Della Street. It is available on DVD. Submitted by H. Mason 10/18/14

This is the second of five PM appearances for Rebecca Welles (Carol Delaney), who married film and television director Don Weis in 1961 ...MikeM. 9/28/2016

The radio in Bishop Mallory's room is a Zenith model R625-Y AM radio. Notice the "H" in ZENITH on the front of the radio is missing. Submitted by Kilo 6/27/2017.
+ And coming out of that radio, for a few seconds in the opening scene, is the swinging tune we hear at the ballroom in TCOT Hesitant Hostess. JohnK, 7 October 2022
++ The scrne reminds me of a 1950 film noir "Destination Murder" in which the tough guy plays music very loudly when he's about to beat up or kill someone, in order to cover up their screams, just as in this scene. jfh 28Mar2023

Gavel: Notice the gavel when Philip raises his hand to get sworn in the second time and after he sits on the witness stand. Submitted by H. Mason 10/18/14

In the original novel, the Charles Burroughs character's name is Renwold C. Brownley. 'Nuff said. Submitted by BobH, 8 March 2018.

This is the only PM appearance for Joan Vohs (Janice Burroughs), who gave up show business in 1969 and devoted herself to her family and church. When she passed at age 73 in 2001, she was survived by her husband, son, daughter, sister, and grandson...MikeM. 7/10/2018

Six Pack? yet another newspaper - Tribune - is mentioned here (albeit quite briefly); accoriding to H Mason's census that would make six (along with Chronicle, Star-News, Bulletin, Evening Star, Clarion...tho perhaps only five if the second and fourth mentioned are actually the same). The masthead would, of course, become well-known to TV viewers on the long-running show Lou Grant. Writing all about it, Notcom 120519.