From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Larry Benton, a born troublemaker, is in a real jam this time. When he knocks a man cold arguing over a poker hand, his “friends” inform him the guy is dead. Larry doesn’t realize the thugs are lying. They, in turn, put the finger on him for big bucks in hush money. Broke as usual, Larry forges his brother’s check for $5000. Big man Johnny Clay tries to bleed Larry for another twenty Gs but gets himself iced instead.

When Larry’s brother Steve tries to cover up Larry’s involvement, he ends up with a murder charge. Steve gets smart and hires Perry, whose first task is to track down Mike Granger, the man Larry supposedly killed.

Correction: Larry didn't "knock a man cold". The man (Mike Granger) was shot while struggling over a gun with Larry. Submitted by Kilo 7/10/2017.
+ There was never any indication that (Mike Granger) was shot, only that the gun went off, which sets up the hush money scenario. Submitted by HamBurger 6/17/2018
++ After the gun goes off and Granger collapses, Clay rolls him over slightly (as Larry looks on terrified). When Clay withdraws his hand, it appears to have blood on it making it look as if Granger has been shot. Submitted by ccullinc 9/5/18
+++ Another oops: Clay succeeds in getting, not "another twenty Gs", but a total of $20,000 -- as four forged checks for $5000 each. An altogether poor synopsis for this show. OLEF641 1/6/21