In this episode we are treated to a shot from behind Perry’s office desk over Perry’s right shoulder. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 9/9/2008.

Goof: Earlier in the episode, Steve Benton questions his brother Larry about checks made out to Ben Wallace. During the judicial hearing, however, Burger questions Doris Shackley about the same checks, which are made out to “cash.” Submitted by gracep, 9/10/2010.

Sightings: The ubiquitous Distinguished Gentleman #1 makes another appearance in the courtroom gallery, on the prosecutor’s side. He is visible during a long shot from the perspective of the judge’s bench. Submitted by gracep, 9/10/2010
+ “Miss Carmody” can be seen filing out of the gallery at the end of the episode while the two Benton brothers are shaking hands. Submitted by alan_sings, 3 Oct 2010.
++ She materializes into an empty chair on the back row next to a woman in a black hat (Little Old Lady #2?). Kilo 11/5/2019.
+ The Thin Man appears as a police worker digging on the beach during the search for Mike Granger’s body. Submitted by alan_sings, 9 Oct 2010.
++ He’s almost unrecognizable in his spiffy new glasses, but surely that’s Quiet Old Man #2 sitting in the corner behind Mason’s table in court. (He moves a bit from session to session.) Submitted by gracenote, 8/15/2011.

Location: Opening scene is Malibu Road just north of the Colony. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 28 January 2011.

This episode was filmed in 1959 on 7/30, 7/31, and 8/3-8/7 (for 7 days). Confusing but accurate is that it filmed under the title “The Case of the Badgered Brother,” a title which was recycled for a later episode. The address of the Malibu house was 24246 Malibu Road. Script is marked episode #83. Submitted by DRKIMBLE, 12 February 2011.

In real life, 19 years separated the actors playing the Benton brothers. Before I looked it up, I would have guessed the age difference much greater. Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 3/22/2011.

Uncredited Actors: The court clerk is played by veteran actor George E. Stone. One of the anonymous courtroom spectators is played by Arthur Tovey, known in his day as the King of the Extras. Last but not least, Don Anderson is a coutroom spectator. Submitted by gracenote, 8/15/2011.

CARS. (1) Paul's black 1958 Thunderbird Convertible, top down, Lic No PXY 260.

Background Cars. Parked on the roadside by the beachfront homes in the opening scene are:

Driving up Mrs Bradley's street in his TBird, Paul passes these parked cars:

Added by Gary Woloski, 7/30/12.

New business: For the second time, one of Paul's clients, Steve Benton, became Perry's client. (see episode 62 TCOT Howling Dog). Submitted by H. Mason 10/23/14
+ I believe Perry's client in that episode is Evelyn Forbes. Submitted by HamBurger 6/17/2018

Recycled newspapers: When Larry was checking the papers in his house he held one from episode 49 TCOT Fancy Figures. There was a folded paper on the desk with a partial headline visible that matched a paper from episode 61 TCOT Bedeviled Doctor. The third paper he got from across the room didn't seem to match any other newspapers shown in the series. Submitted by H. Mason 10/23/14

Hear YouTube presentation of the music edited for this episode by Bernard Herrmann. Added by filmscorerundowns, 8/21/16.

This is the first of two PM directing credits for Walter Grauman, who would later direct 53 episodes of "Murder, She Wrote"...MikeM. 10/17/2016

Pinky Rings: Perry, Paul, Ben Wallace, Johnny Clay...MikeM. 10/17/2016

The radio seen on the bar as the poker game scene opens is a General Electric Dual Speaker AM Tube Radio Alarm Clock combination, model T142. Submitted by Kilo 7/10/2017.

This is the second of five PM appearances for Paula Raymond (Doris Shackley), whose father was a corporate lawyer...MikeM. 7/17/2017
+ Paula Raymond and Steve Brodie both appear in this episode and # 148 TCOT Angry Astronaut Submitted by HamBurger 6/17/2018

This is the second of three PM appearances for Dick Foran (Steve Benton), who became interested in show business while earning a geology degree at Princeton University. Foran studied music, started singing on the radio, and became a lead singer for orchestras. Foran's first credited movie role was in 1934, and his first singing cowboy role was in 1935. Foran appeared on Broadway in the 1943 edition of "A Connecticut Yankee". Dick Foran passed in 1979 at the age of 69...MikeM. 7/27/2018

The most kindest cut of all As noted elsewhere, MeTV has instituted a policy - I guess it might be called a promotion - of showing the full episodes (i.e. without the syndication edits). If I'm not mistaken, what that allowed for tonight was showing the scene where Paul visits Mrs. Bradley(Clay;) and it also illustrates that, while such editing can really muck up a show, it can also make no difference at all...the scene does little to advance the story, and is fully described by Paul to Perry afterward. Notcom, 012022.