From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
A great beginning, and a portrayal of the fifties fashion scene. Pirating, not on the high seas but for bathing suit designs, sets the theme of one of the most "pop" episodes of the Mason series.

Wally Dunbar seeks Perry's help in securing ownership of his new summer line of swimwear. But the sketches are stolen, and worse yet, chief designer Rick Stassi is murdered. Dunbar's girlfriend goes to trial on suspicion of both crimes. Stassi had been blackmailing Kitty and the police think that is motive enough. Because Paul searched Kitty's car at one point, he makes an unusual appearance on the witness stand during the trial. Through it all, Dunbar stands by Kitty Wynne's side and even Perry is seen with a comforting arm around her during a trial break.

We get a look at just how faithful Della can be. She's seen sleeping on the office couch, waiting for Perry to return and do some late night work on the case.