This is one of my favorite episodes because of the nice little scene between Perry and Della at the end! By Welshwoman

Goof: When Mona Henderson sees her husband and William Carter to the door of her house, she seems to be wringing her hands as if she had something on them. When she shuts the door she leaves a visible hand print mark on the door frame. Submitted by billp, 25 October 2009.

Continuity: The sunlight plays some magical tricks in this show. When Mason drives up to the Henderson house at 14:37, there is a surprising amount of sunlight for an 8 o'clock appointment on an evening in March. As Henderson walks up from his car at 14:55, the trees cast early-afternoon shadows on the ground. Moments later, when Mason and Henderson meet at 15:11, their shadows fall crisply on the front door from an inexplicable light source behind them to the left. When Mason and Henderson enter the house at 15:17, you can see out the door that it has suddenly gotten very dark outside. But when Mason goes back outside at 15:30 and sees Susan Connolly's car drive away, the sun has magically returned and glints off of the trunk lid of her car. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 10 February 2012.

Continuity: When Tom Stratton, Ed Platt, a.k.a. “The Chief” on Get Smart, is examined and cross-examined, pay attention to the spectators. When the session begins, we see Mayor Henderson, Franz, seated in the aisle behind Paul Drake, and a young man is to Drake’s left. When the scene ends, Henderson has magically moved to Drake’s left and the young man has disappeared and a new man is behind Drake. Submitted by billp, 25 October 2009.
+ You gotta love Ed Platt's character. No matter what is thrown at him he insists he didn't do anything wrong, had no business dealings with anyone involved and didn't meet anyone at a hotel even though he knows a photo was taken of the meeting. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/12/14.
+ So often Ed Platt plays a stand-up character -- The Chief, his other PM roles -- and it's interesting to see him as a schemer. Great arching eyebrows! JohnK, 5 October 2015

Sightings: Today we find the Distinguished Gentleman #1 and Distinguished Lady #4 viewing the court room action. Bill767, 1/3/16.

Character Names: Mayor Henderson’s first name is Jim (as addressed by his wife). Submitted by gracep, 10/29/2010.

The Mayor's name is James M. Henderson, as seen on the door to his office at 5:36. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 2/10/2012.

Arthur Tragg (Ray Collins) does not appear this episode, altough his name appears in the credits. Submitted by gracep, 10/29/2010.

+ Arthur in absentia: Better than that, although Lt Tragg does not appear, he is referred to by the detective testifying about the plaster casts of the shoe prints, at about 34:50 on the DVD. John K, 13 August 2017

Location: Just an establishing shot, but that’s the Washoe County Courthouse in Reno, Nevada, shown just before the trial begins. Perry may be a little too far out of town on this case! More information here. Submitted by Craig Sundstrom via email, 4/22/2011.

That shot is obviously old stock footage - the cars all look like late 1920s/early 1930s models. DOD 10/12/20

The opening scene features Mr. and Mrs. Henderson taking refreshment (and discussing the crime commission) with Carter, and they use the Curious Coffee Set. Submitted by gracenote, 7/4/2011.

A small point, but that is not the Curious Coffee set in the opening scene. Those cups are straight sided - the Curious cups are tapered. DOD 09/12/20

CARS. (1) Perry's black 1960 Ford Galaxie Special Sunliner, Lic No TVC 236, top down.

Background Cars of interest:

  • (a) At 14:16 an all-white 1958-'62 Simca Aronde Plein Ciel (5-passenger 2Door Sports Coupé) is parked near the Henderson home as Perry arrives for his 8pm appointment. It's always been a mystery why Simca called its Sports Convertible Océane but its Sports Coupé "Clear Sky". See Comments section Ep#51 for more on Simca.
  • (b) When Perry later returns to the Henderson home a '57 Ford, looking identical to "Getaway Car" (3), is parked on the street nearby. Confusing - What's it doing there?
  • (c) As Perry drives to see Tom Stratton (19:55-20:04) he passes a beautiful all-white 1949 Dodge Wayfarer Sports Roadster convertible, top up (same shot was seen in Ep#103).

I was a bit annoyed by the discrepancy between the appearance of Car (3) versus its colors as stated in the dialogue: the "Gray" looked White. I'm wondering why the script didn't reflect how the car would appear to viewers in B&W, regardless of its true colors. Together with the Car(b) issue, the car-wrangling appears sloppy in this episode. Added by Gary Woloski, 10/1/12.

+ On behalf of all us vintage car lovers, let me say thanks to Gary for his most informative and comprehensive contribution as regards those vehicles. They are most evocative of the era and a big part of the show's appeal to many of us. Well done, Gary. Submitted by francis, 9/07/14.
+ I agree ! I wonder how many of these vintage cars are seen/sold on Mecum Auctions ? - Submitted by HamBurger - 09/13/2014

INQUIRER SPECIAL! The coin-box for the UPTON INQUIRER Morning Edition reads "PAY HERE 10¢" but in the extreme close-up at precisely 18:07 the front page reads "PRICE SEVEN CENTS". This is the second consecutive episode in which three cents has been knocked off the price of the local newspaper. Submitted by Gary Woloski, 9 Oct 2012.
+ And as usual, the article under the headlines is nonsensical. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/12/14.

Closed-Captioning: Many closed-captioning errors in the CBS/Paramount Season 4 Volume 1 set including: @28:25 during Mason and Stratton's conversation the hotel room 204 is written as 2O4 (with a letter O*); a half-minute later during Stratton and Sykes' conversation it is written correctly. @32:34 during Stratton's cross-examination by Mason, the line "in the midst of what could be interpreted..." is written as "would be." Moments later the verbs in Mason's questions are written in past tense: "Did you destroyed it?" "Did you killed for it?" @41:25 during Mason's cross-examination of Mayor Henderson he answers "At about a quarter past seven" but the closed-captioning reads "At about a 7:15." @42:13 also during the cross, Mr. Stratton is written as "Mrs. Stratton" and Miss Connolly as "Mrs. Connolly." (*This is a problem with the title Hawaii Five-0 which is sometimes written as Five-O. It should always be a zero. Both series.) Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/12/14.

After the commercial break, during Perry and Paul's carphone conversation, low music can be heard in the background but only during Paul's half of the conversation. The music abrubtly stops when Mason is shown. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/12/14.
+ Also note this was the first time we saw Paul use his carphone. Added by H. Mason 11/4/14
+ But when Perry calls Paul on the car phone, the car phone rings. It doesn’t buzz; it rings with the standard sound bite used for the landline telephones. In later episodes the car phones buzz, for example, Hudson Bradshaw's car phone in Episode #201 TCOT Frightened Fisherman. Added by Dan K, 7 December 2016.

When Mason is at Henderson's door he hears someone running from the back and escaping in Susan's car. Henderson is looking for his wife and then called Mason from the door after he finds the body. Oddly enough, Mason says "If someone was here in the house they must have run out the back way" as if he hadn't just seen it. Later Henderson testifies that he recognized Susan's car driving away. Even though he knew Susan may have been there, there's no way he saw the car driving away even if he was standing behind Mason (which he wasn't) because his view would have been blocked by the trees. Or is everyone just lying? Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/12/14.

Phone number: The number on the Henderson telephone appeared to be Hollywood 2-0799. Hollywood has been used as a Los Angeles exchange (story took place in Upton) and that phone number was used in episodes 79 and 99. Submitted by H. Mason 11/5/14

Louise Fletcher makes her second and last appearance with both times as the defendant. She was previously in the TCOT Mythical Monkeys. She looks thinner than in the other episode. Submitted by Perry Baby 9/29/15.
+ In both episodes, she portrays (very competently) a rather naïve and hapless secretary who is ill used in a complex plot and winds up needing Perry’s services to avoid being convicted. Added by Dan K, 25 October 2019.
+ Louise Fletcher died on 23 September 2022, at age 88. Added by Dan K, 24 September 2022.

This is the second of four PM appearances for Patricia Huston...MikeM. 8/27/2016

This is the only PM appearance for Ellen Drew, who was supposedly discovered working in a Hollywood ice cream parlor by actor William Demarest...MIkeM. 12/5/2016

The first of three PM appearances for Robert Brown. He is arguably best known for his appearance in the classic Star Trek episode, "The Alternative Factor" as Lazarus (both versions). He is apparently still with us at the age of 94. Submitted by Kenmore 7/25/2021
+ Robert Brown died 19Sep2022, according to IMDb. jfh 23Jan2024