Character Names: Jeanne Bal’s character is actually Dr. Linda Carey. The omission of her title from the closing credits is puzzling, as her actions and decisions as physician in the Human Factors section of Project Moonstone is rather important to the plot. (They left in Brand’s title as General, after all, and he’s retired.) Additionally, Sewell’s first name is Jamison. Submitted by gracep, 12/23/2010.

Jeanne Bal appeared on the first aired episode of Star Trek on 9/8/66. (Counting the two pilots, it was the sixth episode filmed.) Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/25/12.
+ Jeanne Bal also had a part in TCOT Misguided Missile, which also had a space program theme. Maybe she had a flair for aeronautics. JohnK, 18 October 2015.

Sightings: We see a few regulars in the courtroom gallery today. “Miss Carmody” is in the front row, behind the defense table; later she moves to the back row. The Pencil Mustache Man is hiding in the shadows in the back row. Quiet Old Man #1 also appears in the back row, near the end. Submitted by gracep, 12/23/2010.

Was that Robert Wegner guarding the door at Gen Brand's house? Submitted by WJones 7/12/16

The famous opening movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is playing on the hi-fi when the body is discovered. (That’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67, for the erudite viewers.) Submitted by gracenote, 7/20/2011.

This episode features a Polaroid Camera (possibly the J66) although they do not refer to it by the brand name. Submitted by Mason Jar, 7/27/2011.
I still have the Polaroid camera my parents bought about the time this episode aired. I can still recall the unique smell of the developing film. DOD 12/23/21
CARS. (1) 1962 Buick LeSabre 2-Door HardTop, dark color, Mitch Heller.

  • (2) 1962 Buick Electra 225 4-Door HardTop, medium color w/ white roof. Probably Addison Brand's: it's parked in front of his "Winslow Lodge" each of the 3 times we go there.
  • (3) 1962 Mercury Meteor 4-Door Sedan (2dr shown), light color, Bonnie Winslow, parked at Winslow Lodge on Mitch's first visit there. It has a Temporary Permit pasted to the right side of rear bumper in lieu of licence plate (also see "Perry's new Lincoln", Car 2 in Ep#144).
  • (4) 1962 Ford Galaxie 4-Door Sedan POLICE B&W, Brice driving Anderson & Tragg.

Added by Gary Woloski, 3/31/13.

Business for Perry: Another story where Paul's client became Perry's client. Submitted by H. Mason 12/6/14

Godfather Connection: Another point of connection between PM and The Godfather -- John Marley, who played scientist Matthew Owen, appeared in The Godfather as film mogul Jack Woltz. In a widely-quoted scene early in the film, Woltz is made an offer "he won't refuse" but pays dearly when he defies the mob. Marley also played Ali McGraw's father in Love Story. JohnK, 18 October 2015

The Shifting Spice Jar: From the very beginning, Perry has kept an objet d'art, a spice jar sort of thing, on the credenza behind his desk (on the right-hand side). At 27 minutes on the DVD, however, it's missing. (Out at the furbishers, I imagine.) In the following episode, TCOT Borrowed Baby, it's not clear whether it's there again, but it's definitely back for TCOT Counterfeit Crank. JohnK, 18 October 2015

According to Wikipedia, Paula Raymond's nose was severed in an auto crash on Sunset Boulevard in 1962. She returned to acting after a year of operations and recovery...MikeM. 10/25/2016

You can't say it's exactly (or even remotely) like Tracy and Hepburn, but both Paula Raymond and Steve Brodie previously appeared in Episode #72, "TCOT Garrulous Gambler," as well as in the granddaddy--and, arguably, the best--of all dinosaur-on-the-loose movies, "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" (1953). Submitted by BobH, 22 December 2016.

This is the second of two PM appearances for Patricia Donahue, who had a recurring role as a neighbor, Hazel, on the television series "The Thin Man"...MikeM. 1/31/2017

They're Getting Promoted (and Retiring) Much Earlier Than They Used To. James Coburn was nothing if not flexible. In this episode, he plays "Retired" Major General Addison Brand. Coburn was 33 years old when the episode aired. Submitted by BobH, 28 April 2017.
+ Almost every episode includes at least one actor who appears, as Coburn does here, decidedly older than their reported age. My guess is that many performers faked their DOB to take some years off their age. Either that, or life was REALLY hard on these people and they aged much faster than we do now. Coburn doesn't look retirement age, to be sure, but...33? Hard to believe! Submitted by JazzBaby, 3/11/2019.
++ Interestingly enough, in James Coburn's only other PM appearance (#108, TCOT Envious Editor in the previous season), he plays a younger character, a rich jerk of a "kid" in his early to mid-twenties who uses his wealth to buy himself into a position to tell older, more experienced businessmen what to do. The similarity between the two characters is noteworthy: both take over an organization, berate the current officials for lack of success, stir up a lot of resentment, and wind up murdered. TriviaSleuth, 8/11/2019

John Glenn orbited the earth three times on 2/20/1962, and that fact is mentioned in this episode which aired on 4/7/1962...MikeM. 10/31/2017