“During the last act, Mason quotes a rule of law from Flynn vs Croates. I think this was a real case.” Submitted by Bill Sullivan, 1/22/2006.
+ Indeed it was! A quick visit to Westlaw and a $14 search finds: Court of Civil Appeals of Texas, San Antonio, Flinn v. Krotz, March 30, 1927. This case does apply to Perry’s situation as amicus curiae. Perry’s citation, “293 South Western Reporter 625,” is also correct. Submitted by daveb 11/26/2007.

The Curious Coffee Set makes another appearance as Della and her friend Janet wait in Perry’s office. Submitted by gracep, 1/19/2011.
+ I'm disappointed to realize that this scene was deleted from the MeTV airing 13Dec2019, leaving only two quick glimpses of two cups from the set (and some funky coffee carafe on a stand) barely visible over Cee Cee's right shoulder during his consultation with Perry and Paul, and a view of the table set with the two cups as Cee Cee and his son leave. jfh 13Dec2019.

Uncredited Actors: Two familiar faces, Bert Stevens and Don Anderson (mostly with back turned), appear as charity party guests, but neither makes it to the courthouse. Robert Wegner, however, is a bailiff guarding the door in the elder Chang’s trial, and he comes quite close to the camera near the end. Earlier, at Anderson’s side during Mrs. Brent’s arrest is the strong, silent Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice. Submitted by gracenote, 1/19/2011 & updated 7/23/2011.
+ A juror at Ms. Brent’s trial is none other than the late Sam Harris, who, like Bess Flowers, has been in five Best Oscar pictures. We don’t have him on our Uncredited Actors page, yet. Submitted by gracenote, 7/23/2011.

Sightings: Seated right next to Lt. Anderson at Janet Brent’s trial is our beloved Little Old Lady #1. Down the hall at the other trial sits a keenly interested Pencil Mustache Man, who looks very pensive as Perry leaves the courtroom. Submitted by gracenote, 1/19/2011 & updated 7/23/2011.

Character Names: The elder Chang’s given name, spelled “C.C.” in the credits, is spelled “Cee Cee” on the menu of his restaurant (and in the closed captions of the syndication print). Submitted by gracep, 1/19/2011.

Kung Fu Connections:
+ Keye Luke, of course, is perhaps better known to baby boomers and Gen-X-ers as Master Po in the 1970s Kung Fu and to classic film buffs as Number One Son (or Lee Chan) in some of the Charlie Chan movies. Submitted by gracep, 1/19/2011.
+ Philip Ahn (James Wong) also was a regular on Kung Fu, in which he played Master Kan. Although actually Korean, in most of his 200 Hollywood roles he played Chinese. Submitted by cgraul, 12/14/2011.
+ James Hong played various characters in 9 episodes of Kung Fu. He also played Evelyn's butler in the film "Chinatown" (1974) and the evil David Lo Pan in "Big Trouble in Little China" (1986). Submitted by catyron, 04/25/18
+ Beulah Quo appeared in 3 episodes of Kung Fu. Submitted by catyron, 04/25/18.
+ This is the only PM appearance for Beulah Quo, who had a Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and a Master's degree from the University of Chicago ... MikeM. 2/20/2017

Judy Dan was Miss Hong Kong 1952. Submitted by gracep, 1/19/2011.
+ This is the only PM appearance for Judy Dan, who was third runner-up in the 1952 Miss Universe Contest ... MikeM. 11/14/2016
++ And she did NOT appear in Kung Fu. -- catyron, 04/25/18

Live Long and Prosper James Hong is currently (2022) not only alive, but listed as still performing (mostly voicework it eppears)...a career spanning almost seven decades, and certainly one of only a small number of PM alums still active professionally.(My sub head ?? It isn't Chinese either !!) Notcom 052622.

Lt. Tragg did not appear in this episode even though Ray Collins was credited with the part. Submitted by gracep, 1/20/2011.

CARS. All except Cars (1a) & (3) are at the drive-in restaurant on "Vista Haven Road".

Background Cars. (a) unknown white convertible (top up), backdrop to Della sitting in Car(1).

There is no "Automobiles Supplied by …" closing credit. Added by Gary Woloski, 6/27/13.

Della testifies in this episode, as she did only two episodes earlier. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 11/5/2013.
+ This was Della's fifth appearance on the witness stand. (see episodes 8,30,63,160). She would be called to testify two more times in episodes 172 and 187. Submitted by H. Mason 9/25/14

Della's Impersonation: Della drives Janet Brent's car and was mistaken for Mrs. Brent when she was stopped by the police. Submitted by H. Mason 12/29/14

Della looks amazing, Janet is gorgeous, and Trixie is stunning! Several beauties in this episode! resubmitted by DyNama 9/30/2015
+ Including the gorgeous Perry himself and the always good-looking Paul. jfh 13Dec2019

Della at Police HQ: Lt. Anderson's office was seen for the second time (episode 158). Lt. Anderson mentioned Della owned a car that was in a repair shop. That was the first time there was any mention of her owning a vehicle. Miss Street didn't seem to get arrested this time. She was arrested in episode 12 (TCOT Negligent Nymph) but the charges were dropped. Submitted by H. Mason 12/29/14

Perry's client on the stand: For the second time Mr. Mason put his client on the witness stand. It also happened in episode 150 (TCOT Counterfeit Crank). Mr. Burger was not shown questioning her. Submitted by H. Mason 12/29/14

Mr. Alvin: Actor Kenneth Tobey appeared as Deputy District Attorney Jack Alvin for the third and final time. He was the the same character in episodes 98 and 102. Submitted by H. Mason 12/29/14

Fu Shi: The statuette is not a watchdog. Its name in the west is generally given as Fu (or Foo) Dog, but it is actually a male Fortunate Lion or Fu Shi. In Buddhist cultures, it is called a Buddha Lion or Fo Shi. If carved in stone, it would be called a Shi Shi ("Stone Lion"), but it is bronze, so it is a Tong Shi ("Bronze Lion"). Specifically, it is the male of a mated pair of Fu Shi. The male holds a cloth ball beneath one front foot. The female holds a cub beneath one foot. The Western name "Dog" probably arose due to confusion over the Chow Chow breed of dog, which in China is called Song Shi ("Puffy Lion"), the Pekinese breed, which is called in Chinese Shi Zi Ghou ("Lion Dog"), or the Shih Tzu breed of dog, whose name also means "Lion Dog." Submitted by catyron, 04/25/18.
+ The knowledge evidenced in the above discussion is much appreciated. In my mind, however, the "watchdog" nomenclature is perhaps more a description of its function (guard) than of its species. jfh 26Apr2024

The $25,000 Janet asks Della for would be almost $220,000 in 2021 money. OLEF641 5/12/21