Continuity: In an early view of Perry’s desk, his intercom box is missing. Later, it’s back. See here. Submitted by daveb, 11/29/2007.

Sightings: First, Quiet Old Man #1 peeks through the audience in the courtroom gallery. Second, “Miss Carmody” is visible in cutaways to Clarence Henry (Max Showalter) when the hearing reconvenes. Learn more about these familiar faces, and help us spot others! Submitted by g, 1/30/2011.

Max Showalter had recently reclaimed his birth name; after signing with 20th Century Fox in the '40s, he'd been persuaded by the studio to change his name to the more "bankable" Casey Adams. Submitted by francis, 6/8/12.

Perry finds a MOVIE CAMERA hidden in a flower pot in the murder room. The camera looks like a 1950's Revere 8mm Cine Zoom with Wollensak lens. The close-up shot at 22:06 shows the camera's film magazine wide-open and empty. "Revere" and "WOLLENSAK" were the "budget" and "premium" brands of essentially the same camera made by the same company (Revere); see story & collector's page. Added by Gary Woloski, 9/13/13.

Only ONE CAR but there's not enough of it visible for absolute identification. After leaving the murder scene, Perry (in driver's seat) and Paul (passenger seat) sit in a convertible while discussing the missing film (23:37-23:55). Only a corner of the windshield, vent window and bit of the interior is seen. TBird, Lincoln and other makes can be ruled out but what is shown corresponds closely to any 1960 -1963 Galaxie convertible. Based on the context of past episodes, this car is probably Perry's (old) black 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner (a new 1963 Sunliner for Perry shows up in Ep#178).
      The portion of the interior seen is the Left side aft of the driver's seat. If you'd like to strain your eyes further, here are links to '60, '61, '62 and '63 Galaxie interiors. Since full-sized Mercury convertibles of those years had the same underlying design but with fancier trim, you should have a look at them too: '60, '62 Mercury. Added by Gary Woloski, 9/15/13.

"A graduate of the University of Southern California School of Law, Morris Ankrum was an Attorney and Economics Professor before switching careers & joining the theater," IMDb observes, listing him as Judge in 22 Perrys (8.1%) from #3/"Nervous Accomplice" in '57 to "Sleepy Slayer" in '64. Mike Bedard 2.10.15.

The furniture in the hallway outside of Perry's private door was not the same shown in episode 160 TCOT Unsuitable Uncle. Submitted by H. Mason 1/31/15

This is the second of two PM writing credits for True Boardman, who was born William True Boardman,Jr., son of actor parents...MikeM. 11/30/2016

This is the second of three PM appearances for Philip Bourneuf, who had a recurring role as Dr. Wickens on the "Dr. Kildare" television series...MikeM. 3/8/2017

This is the only PM appearance for David McLean, who appeared as the Marlboro Man in television commercials. After David McLean died from lung cancer, his widow sued Philip Morris, blaming the company for David's health problems. The suit was thrown out by a California court...MikeM. 3/28/2018

Of course I could be mistaken, but judging by the decorative pattern we see on the wall behind the bed in the second scene, the unfortunate Barbara Billings may have been staying in the hospital room where Perry was recuperating a few episodes back. JohnK, 28 January 2022

The Simoleon Sea If I heard it correctly, $150 Million - in current terms...well a lot more! - the inheritance at issue in this episode, far overtops anything else we've seen. (As is often the case on PM, the figure seems quite fantastic and it's hard to believe there wouldn't be an army of lawyers and accountants involved in looking after it.) Suitably impressed, Notcom 062723.