Despite the billing in the credits, Noah Beery did not appear in this episode. Noah Beery, the silent film star died in 1946 long before this episode was filmed. The actor appearing in this episode was his son, Noah Beery, Jr., who also appeared in episode #248, “TCOT Hasty Honeymooner.” Noah Beery, Jr. was probably best known for playing James Garner’s father, Rocky Rockford, in the 1970s action television show, The Rockford Files. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 30 September 2009.
+ Noah appeared in another COURTROOM CLASSIC, "Inherit The Wind," as farmer John Stebbins (1960). Mike Bedard 2.13.15.
++ Typically, men drop "Jr" when the "Sr" dies. jfh 29May2017. I would never do that.Joe B.(Jr.)02/24/23
Noah Beery’s two appearances both involved poisoned drinks served at cocktail parties. DOD 04/26/23

Frances Reid makes the final of three appearances here on Perry playing Lucille Forrest. This episode was broadcast in January 1965, and on November 18, 1965, Ms. Reid would make her initial appearance on the daytime drama Days Of Our Lives, playing the grandmother Alice Horton, with McDonald Carey as her husband. Ms. Reid was only 50 at the time, and today she is still playing the role at the age of 95. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 27 October 2009.
+ Ms. Reid died February, 2010. Submitted by cgraul, 11/28/2011.
++ Frances Reid was in only 2 PM episodes, this one and TCO-Constant Doyle. Submitted by HamBurger 6/28/2020

Sightings: In the back of courtroom gallery, Distinguished Gentleman #1 watches the proceedings with great interest. Pencil Mustache Man and Quiet Old Man #1 are there, too, if you look carefully enough. Don Anderson made it, too; he’s right next to the Gentleman. Submitted by gracenote, 4/21/2011.

Character Cars. Two of the featured cars fit their assigned fictional owners very well:

  • Lucille Forrest had her well-timed blowout while driving her 1960 Ford Galaxie Club Sedan just like this one (other than the cop lights and paint). The Club Sedan was Ford's 1960 option for basic, sensible transportation in a 2-door full-sized car. Although this was the second year that Ford used the Galaxie model name, the 1960 Galaxie and Fairlane models remained virtually identical (see Trivia Ep#225). However, you can easily read the Galaxie script on the car's fender as Lucille has her tire mishap.
  • The little white sports car, whose owners are revealed later, is a TRIUMPH TR4 with optional hardtop. The TR4 first appeared in Perry Mason just 3 months previously in Ep#213.

Added by Gary Woloski, 2/3/12.

TR4 License Plate: DEM 265 was on the Triumph at the area near the railroad station and later at Mrs. Forrest's ranch . It was difficult to read, but a different plate with the numbers 518 could be seen on the car as it drove down the road. The plate DEM 265 was on different cars in #188, 192, 203 and 227. Submitted by H. Mason 4/20/15
+ The explanation is simple - it was the same car - even though at the station it was Lucille's car, newly taken out of storage from when she was off in "Europe"; and at the ranch it was Mirna's car, which Lucille comments on, saying, " I would like to have a car like that for myself". It would seem that the scene at the ranch was shot first, at à back lot someplace; and later on in the shooting, a car was needed for Lucille to drive home from the station, and the Triumph was used, because it was available, and even though it broke continuity. Submitted by Cspoleta 5/09/2016
++ Actually, Lucille drove her Ford Galaxie home, see above under 'Character Cars' OLEF641 8/12/21

Actor Frank Ferguson was in episode 167 TCOT Bluffing Blast as sheriff. That story included a 7 year old hunting death (murder) where the deceased was believed to have killed himself with his own gun. Submitted by H. Mason 4/20/15

This is the only PM appearance for Carole Wells, who attended Hollywood High School and is an opera singer...MIkeM. 2/14/2017

TCOT Curious Coffee Set: Two cups and saucers from The Curious Coffee Set make an appearance at Kevin Lawrence's restaurant. jfh 29May2017.

And in the background we see that door with three decorative panels that appears so often, usually as the entrance to a ‘swank’ apartment. DOD 03/03/21

The closing credits say story by Albert V. Vail. IMDb says that the story was by Albert A. Vail. IMDb also says Albert A. Vail wrote TCOT Accosted Accountant and that Albert A. Vail played Judge Two in TCOT Decadent Dean...MikeM. 2/20/2018

This is the first of two PM appearances for actor/director/writer/producer Lee Philips (Kevin Lawrence), who started his career of a Broadway stage before moving to Hollywood. Lee Philips kept acting even when he had primarily become a director. In 1965, the year of his two PM appearances, Lee Philips began directing the first of 60 episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show". Lee Philips passed in Brentwood CA in 1999 at the age of 72...MikeM. 6/26/2018

Mort Mills, as the sergeant, was almost always placed in a strangely ambiguous jurisdiction that covers murders committed outside of Los Angeles that are tried in Los Angeles. By the way, I like his ears. He has excellently shaped pointy ears. Submitted by catyron, June 30, 2018
+ Criminal trials are the baliwick of the county. As Los Angeles is the county seat, and the courts are there, pretty much any criminal case for a crime committed in the county would be tried there, I think. I'm guessing those trials on Perry Mason held in different venues were committed in different counties. Lawyers are members of the state bar, and so can practice anywhere in the state(s) where they are licensed. Of course, if I am wrong in any of this, I welcome correction ;-) OLEF641 8/12/21