You Look Good For Your Age - When Madame Sonya first visits Perry's office, she claims to be a White Russian refugee from the Reds. Since all White Russians either fled or "ceased to exist" after the 1917 Russian Revolution, Sonya would need to be at least 60 years old to have experienced Russia before the Reds took over. Unless she remembers it from the womb? Perhaps the writers didn't know much about Russia and its history... Submitted by DM

Virginia Field’s awful, over-the-top accent would make one think she had never played a Russian before. But she had-—many years before! In 1937’s Think Fast, Mr. Moto, she plays White Russian Tanya Borov-—minus the terrible accent! Submitted by Ed Zoerner, 5/03/2009.
+ I call this the Case of the Worst Russian accents and associated acting. I guess the view was that Russians were a bit melodramatic. A reasonable story but somewhat marred by Virginia Field's and Leonid Kinsky's acting. I guess it was the director wanted. Submitted by Perry Baby 2/2/17
+ I agree, Perry Baby. This is season nine and we should all know by now the producers love over the top performances and outrageous accents. It is one of the many pleasures of watching Perry Mason. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way. Submitted by Rickapolis 04/23/19

In my opinion, Virginia Field's second-worst performance is as Shakespearean (over) actress Ramona Carver in TCOT Simple Simon. Submitted by JazzBaby, 6/27/2019.

This would mark the final of five appearances on Perry for Phillip Terry playing Rolf Thorsen. Phillip Terry is best remembered as the 4th husband of Joan Crawford. While he was married to Ms. Crawford they adopted a boy that they named Phillip Terry, Jr. After Ms. Crawford divorced Mr. Terry, she changed the boy’s name to Christopher, possibly to match her daughters name of Christine. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 15 September 2009.

Leonid Kinsky (Vyacheslav Gerznov) was one of the original cast members of Hogan's Heroes where he played the Russian P.O.W. After appearing in the 1965 pilot (the only B&W episode) he decided not to continue with the series. Had he continued with Hogan he might not have been available to appear in this episode of Perry Mason. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 6/20/12.
+ In 1942, he was also Sascha the bartender in Casablanca, whom Rick sends to see the lovely Yvonne (Madeleine LeBeau) home (... and come right back). Submitted by Vladimir Estragon, 8/25/2020.
+ Although Kinsky really was Russian, after 30 yrs in the U.S. his 'Russian' character with the screwed-up faces seems as ridiculous as Virginia Field's fake Russian émigré. But then, American TV had plenty of incentive to parody Russians during the Cold War. ckb 28 Oct 2020

Location: A location-packed episode. Six minutes in you get a nice scene of downtown Los Angeles with the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in the center. About 16 minutes in there is a quick shot of Los Angeles International Airport with a glimpse of the Googie-styled “Theme Building” (Some pictures here). It looks like a space-aged bug or flying saucer on legs. I have read it was the inspiration for buildings in the cartoon the Jetson’s. There is a cool eatery at the top called the Encounter Restaurant. A minute or two later there is a scene where 2 officers are cruising down La Brea checking out a stolen car. Just before they pull the guy over you can see the “Carolina Pines Jr.” sign in the background. That was yet another Googie-styled eatery, a 24-hour coffee shop. Sadly, unlike the Theme Building which still exists, Carolina Pines Jr. was torn down and replaced by a creativity-free, totally forgettable, L-shaped mini-mall. Posted by Eric Cooper, 25 September 2009.

Sightings: While Perry is conferring with his client in jail, one of the convicts being visited in the background appears to be Distinguished Gentleman #1. Later, Pencil Mustache Man and Quiet Old Man #1 turn up among the spectators at the evidentiary hearing. They are especially visible as they file out when court adjourns. Submitted by gracenote, 7 June 2011.

Lee Miller had 3 Sgt. Brice Dialogue Sequences in TT: is that an episode Record? Mike Bedard 3.11.15. + I think at least 3 appear in episode 258, Vanishing Victim submitted by Wjones 4/21/16

One of the rare episodes where the defendant takes the witness stand. Submitted by Bill-W2XOY on 08/19/13.
+ True, & he testified as an EXPERT WITNESS! Mike Bedard 3.11.15.

This is the only PM appearance for Vivienne Segal, who retired from acting after this performance ... MikeM. 4/4/2017

This is the only PM appearance for Janet DeGore, who was the legal secretary for James Whitmore in 45 episodes of "The Law and Mr. Jones"...MikeM. 4/10/2018