Bring Back the Likable Clients Seems like these later seasons hired a lot less talented supporting actors. Every single episode has some melodramatic, unlikable, unrealistic supporting character. This time it's Perry's client who was rude from the moment she stepped into Paul's office. "Just do what you're told, Mr Drake." Paul should have thrown her out then and there. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her because she's got blonde hair and a breathy voice like Marilyn Monroe? She kept gritting her teeth and whispering every time she was supposed to show emotion. When she had her run-in with Fries, she began screaming and running into things when Fries demanded to know what she was doing there. He never even touched her but somehow she's breaking the furniture! For a moment, I thought she had a stroke. Maybe it's poor directing, but somehow the acting is getting MORE unrealistic the closer we get to the present day. Can we bring back the likable client please? DellaMason

Question: Why was Joanne kissing Tony in the early scene?
+ Joanne tried to fend him off when he got in her vehicle, but he persisted and kissed her as she was trying to turn her head away from him. jfh 26Nov2022

PM reused the same walk-in-to-the-courthouse footage (same location of cars, people, etc.) 3 episodes earlier, in #217 Nautical Knot. But in TT Perry no longer has his white pocket handkerchief when he's inside the courtroom. Why repeat the same footage only 3 weeks later? Surely there is good-enough footage from the previous year for example. Submitted by (lowercase, with a comma and period) masonite, 12/12/12.
+ When Perry walks in the courthouse he must have spotted someone he knew because he had a grin on his face for several seconds before he got serious. He tried to cover by putting his hand over his mouth. Also, just as Perry is walking through the door you can see two women and a child standing inside watching him come in. They've disappeared once the camera angle switches to the inside shot. A sheriff can also be seen moving out of the way to let Perry in. You have to look quick because it happens pretty fast. Kilo 9/30/2018.

Casual Male We see Perry in his pajamas when Paul calls, and in a "casual dress" scene in his office with his dress shirt collar unbuttoned at his neck and without a tie. jfh 02Feb2017.

New music? It sounds to me as if the music of the closing credits has been re-orchestrated. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 10 January 2015.
+ Yes, it is slower, less syncopated, and heavier on the strings. Not good. Submitted by catyron, June 22, 2018

This story had many of the same elements seen in #152 TCOT Promoter's Pillbox. Submitted by H. Mason 4/12/15

During their testimony neither Coley Barnes or Howard Stark mentioned that Paul Drake was with them when they entered the apartment of Anthony Fry. Submitted by H. Mason 4/12/15
+ I noticed that too and wondered about it at the time. Submitted by catyron, June 22, 2018

When Paul, etal, bust in the apartment door to discover the body of Tony Fry take a look at the ceiling. It appears to be some kind of cloth fabric stretched tight to simulate a solid ceiling but the wrinkles give it away. Kilo 9/30/2018.
+ The room appears to be a "viewing room", perhaps the fabric on the ceiling is for the accoustics. jfh 20Feb2019.

Interior sets rarely have ceilings to allow for lighting. Scrims are used to simulate ceilings as needed. The use here is indeed sloppy.
The direction of the courtroom sequence is especially effective, with several dramatic angles, closeups, and some subtle zooms and dolly shots. DOD 02/20/19

+The Twilight Zone Companion - the kind of well-researched guide PM fans yearn for - offers this amusing anecdote about the episode "On Thursday We Leave For Home"(which featured a rising pull-back shot): "Let's get a ladder in here and see how it looks." When they did, they got a shock - none of the shacks had roofs! Relayed by Notcom, 070519.

Why was Kathy trying to get the film back? She hadn't taken any pictures with the new roll. If there had been exposures Burger would have introduced them in court. Kilo 4/1/2020. Also, the picture that Kathy does take at the airport, she has already given to Drake. Why does it turn up in Fry's apartment? Steven Blackwood 05/26/2022
+ The picture was in an envelope under Tony Fry's body. During their struggle, Kathy had thrown her handbag at Tony, the photograph must've fallen out her bag onto the floor, and Tony fell on top of it. jfh 26Nov2022

'Extremely Creepy''' Perry somehow gets access to the hotel room of a young woman he doesn't know, and sits in the dark, silently, waiting for her to arrive - why not at least turn on the lights? Or speak to her as soon as she walked in? Would have scared her to death, for no reason. Bella Della 25 April 2021