Sightings: We find quite a few of our favorites in court today. Miss Carmody is joined by the Little Old Lady #1, Quiet Old Man #1, and the Pencil Mustache Man. The Thin Man can be seen in the front row on Burger's side. submitted by BigBill767, 6/17/2016.

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson has been out of town but returns in the opening scene has he gets off the airplane. Submitted by BigBill767, 6/17/2016.

The janitor in this episode is played by Alvin Childress in his only appearance on Perry. Alvin Childress was for two years (1952-1953) and 69 episodes Amos Jones on the controversal CBS sitcom Amos and Andy. After Amos and Andy, Mr. Childress found it extremely hard to find work. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 30 September 2009.

Too bad Ray Collins is not in this episode - he and Paul Stewart were memorable in "Citizen Kane". Constance Towers, married 44 years to John Gavin, is still going strong at age 85. DOD 02/20/19

Location: This episode opens at the Burbank Airport. You can see the exterior of the terminal and parking lot. I confirmed this with Les Copeland, president, of the Burbank Aviation Museum. Burbank Airport is now called Bob Hope Airport and has a slightly remodeled facade. It is also featured in episodes #39, #99, #165 and #258. Posted by Eric Cooper, 9 August 2010. Some pictures here.
+ This airport has had many names over the years of its existance. Starting out in 1930 as United Airport, by 2017 it had been "re-branded" as Hollywood Burbank Airport, as travellers didn't have a clue where Bob Hope Airport was. OLEF641 7/31/21

Location: Also, 35 minutes into the episode Perry walks up the steps of the Stanley Mosk Superior Court at 111 N. Hill Street. Posted by Eric Cooper, 9 August 2010. Some pictures here.

Continuity: When Fry is being interviewed next to the airport terminal, the light changes instantaneously from diffuse sunlight in the group shot to direct sunlight in the close-up. Submitted by Alan Smithee, 12/24/2013.

The Fourth Wall: After Fry leaves Pennington's office, Pennington briefly looks directly at the camera, a no-no. Submitted by Alan Smithee, 12/24/2013. P.S. Merry Christmas.

Prolific character actor John Fiedler makes his only Perry appearance in this episode playing Howard Stark. Mr. Fiedler is probably best know for his recurring role 10 years later as the neurotic Mr. Peterson on The Bob Newhart Show. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 8 January 2015.
+ Another Murder-Mystery role was Mr. Hengist in Star Trek: "Wolf in the Fold," a Jack the Ripper episode with a hearing aboard the Enterprise (Star Trek Compendium). John's Crime Series parts included a Dr. in Columbo & County Health Commissioner on Quincy [IMDb: 190 Actor credits]. Mike Bedard 4.16.15
++ Also as well-known for 6 appearances as varous charcters on Bewitched from 1967-1971, and as well as being the voice actor for Piglet in Winnie The Pooh videos. jfh 26Nov2022

Business for Perry: Once again Paul's client had to turn to Perry Mason for help after being charged with murder. Submitted by H. Mason 4/12/15

Alias: Kathy James aka Kathy Anders was the twenty-first murder suspect Perry Mason defended who used more than one name in the story. That does not include episode 119 where his client was also known as Miss Debutante. Submitted by H. Mason 4/12/15

Double Vision: Richard Carlson and Paul Stewart appear together in this episode and TCOT Avenging Angel. Submitted by HamBurger 10/01/2016
+ Richard Carlson, star of "Creature From The Black Lagoon" is often confused with Hugh Marlowe, who was in six "Perry Masons". Joe B.02/21/2020.
++ Paul Stewart is a decent actor, but why does he always look as if he's swallowed a particularly sour lemon? Maybe it's from having to put up with the likes of Tony Fry and Clete Hawley. Submitted by BobH, 22 February 2019.

Coincidence: I had watched The Little Foxes OnDemand immediately before this episode came on. There was Richard Carlson playing David Hewitt in the former along side the legendary Bette Davis, now Anthony Fry in this episode. jfh 20Feb2019

TCOT Curious Coffee Set: "The Curious Coffee Set" makes an appearance in Tony Fry's home. jfh 08Feb2018
+ And, meanwhile Della has switched to the cheap, plastic West Bend Thermo Serv insulated mugs with black liners and gold-coloured anodized aluminum exteriors, first seen in Episode 218. Submitted by catyron, June 22nd, 2018

This is the first of two PM writing credits for Mann Rubin, who also had two credits for "Ironside"...MikeM. 2/2/2017

This is the second of two PM appearances for Mimsy Farmer, who was born Merle Farmer. Her nickname Mimsy reportly came from the nonce word in Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky"...MikeM. 2/8/2018
+ Farmer is very lovely in this episode. She may be best known for being James MacArthurs impossibly sweet girlfriend in Spencer's Mountain. DLH 3/5/20

This is the last of four PM appearances for Patricia Huston (Lydia Lawrence), who was born Patricia Baker. Patricia Huston was married to actor John Brinkley, who had a single PM appearance as Jasper Fenton in TCOT Fan Dancer's Horse...MikeM. 6/14/2018
+ I saw Ms. Huston playing a rather dotty mother-in-law in the Columbo episode "No Time to Die". Quite a different role from the ones she played in Perry Mason! submitted by...MikeReese 11/11/2020

This the only PM appearance for George Brenlin (as Coley Barnes) who, from cettain camera angles, looks a bit like Bill Bixby and who, coincidentally, appeared on two episodes of The Incredible Hulk. jfh 26Nov2022

Way Down South As indicated on the cast list (above) - which seems to mimic the actual credits displayed on the show - Ms. Farmer wasn't listed until the middle of the second card: I can't recall another episode where the defendant, and more to the point, the principal character, received such lowly billing. And what a shame: a name ESG would have given his eye teeth to come up with !! (Altho I suspect it really reflected Hollywood protocol and her status as a newcomer). Rued by Notcom, 070519.