From The Perry Mason TV Show Book
Movie producer Tony Fry has been squiring around his new fiancée, Kathy Anders, simply as a publicity stunt. Fry, who's short on cash, wants to get money for his latest flick from wealthy angel J. J. Pennington. As a back-up plan, Fry is prepared to blackmail Pennington's wife Joanne for the money, using some "indiscretions" in her early acting days as bait.

But Fry doesn't know that his girlfriend Kathy Anders is actually Kathy James, daughter of a cameraman whose career Fry had ruined. Kathy gets incriminating photos of Fry with Mrs. Pennington and later goes to his house to get other dirt on him. But Fry surprises her and pops her. Trying to defend herself, Kathy grabs a film trophy and clubs Fry. When his dead body is discovered, she's arrested. However, Perry thinks that Fry was killed by a second blow.