Anomaly: Byron Morrow, listed as Thomas Ranger, is called George Ranger in court by Burger. H. M. Wynant, listed as Wilton (Slim) Marcus, is called Joseph Marcus in court by Burger.

This show would air on Saturday night, 12 March 1960. Later on that night, (actually in the early hours of 13 March 1960), William Talman would be arrested by Los Angeles police. Reports were that he was involved in some sort of sex and marijuana party, and that he was found in the nude. The charges were later dropped, but because of the adverse publicity it would be almost a year before he would appear on the Perry Mason show again. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 5 May 2009.

Character Names: George Anclitus addresses Chris Warfield’s character as Manning Ennis III—the name suffix is omitted in the credits (and he signs his checks wihtout it). Submitted by GraceP, 9/30/2010.

Sightings: In the gallery, Quiet Old Man #1 moves his head in the shot just as Burger whispers to Tragg. The Little Old Lady in a Hat never quite comes into focus, but she is intently watching from the back row. Read about all the courtroom regulars here. Submitted by GraceP, 9/30/2010.
+ We see Miss Carmody sitting next to Little Old Lady in the Hat and Distinguished Lady #4 next to the Quiet Old Man. Submitted by Bill767, 10/31/15.

Holy Flashback! That’s Chief O’Hara, er, Stafford Repp, as the ballistics expert, years before his stint on the 1960s Batman. But where’s his thick Irish brogue? Submitted by GraceP, 9/30/2010.
+ He has 136 IMDb credits, including a M*A*S*H & 3 other Perrys: "Petulant Partner," "Tarnished Trademark" & "Ancient Romeo." Mike Bedard 8.1.16 MeTV viewing. //

In this episode, Perry mentions that certain types of gambling are legal in the City of Rowena. Was there a complaint about an earlier episode? In “The Case of the Dangerous Dowager” (episode #65), Perry says that some card gambling games are legal in the City of Gardena. This was and is true; Gardena was issued the first legal card club license in the State of California in 1936, and card gambling, with some restrictions, is legal in Gardena to this day. In this episode, draw poker is legal, but stud poker is illegal in the City of Rowena, which is an entirely fictional place. Submitted by Fifty Niner on 4/9/2011.

CARS. (1) Perry's black 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie Skyliner, retractable hardtop down, Lic No RTS 277. Have a good look around the car with the linked set of images.

The headlights are a dead give-away for the car switch 2A→2B, the '60 pairs being horizontal and the '59 pairs being slanted. See CARS Ep#6 for an earlier occurrence of the car-switching phenomenon. I believe that Car2A is the first 1960 model-year car appearing in the series. Added by Gary Woloski, 7/5/12.

Anomaly: Perry flubs a line at 44:58, saying, "... stud poker instead of the more illegal draw poker." He should have said, "the legal draw poker." Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 6 Sept 2012.
+ The captioning on the DVD at this point reads, "Stud poker instead of the more legal draw poker." The way Perry says it, however, does come out sounding like "more illegal." Added by Dan K, 11/7/16.

Switching guns: This was the third and final story where guns were exchanged. It also happened in episodes 1 and 33. Submitted by H. Mason 9/27/14

Pay phone: Watch Paul call Perry's office from the phone booth. It looked like he dialed the number MA 5-1190. In several other stories one of the characters really dialed the phone number mentioned in the script. Submitted by H. Mason 10/29/14

While Paul is opening Betty's door (@ 17:42) her neighbor's door begins to open. But there is a splice in the film and the door opens a second time. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 3/04/15.

Closed-Caption anomalies: @ 16:25, when Perry tells Paul to take the gun to Halstead, the name is spelled correctly. @28:29 it is incorrectly spelled as 'Holstead.' Later during Halstead's testimony it is again spelled correctly. @16:36 when Paul remarks about Betty's antagonizing the powers that be at Rowena he says "That's not too smart." In the closed-captions "too" is spelled "to." The possessive form of Anclitas is mentioned @47:30 and 47:37. The first time it is written correctly (as Anclitas') but the second time incorrectly (as Anclita"). Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 3/04/15.

Joan O'Brien's Wikipedia page has a nice photo of Joan and Raymond Burr from this episode. According to Wiki, Joan turned 80 this year...MikeM. 8/1/2016

According to Wikipedia, H.M. Wynant was born Haim Weiner. Wiki says that Wynant's ten appearances on PM included three as Deputy District Attorney Sampson...MikeM. 8/1/2016
+ Mr. Wyant recently had his 96th birthday; altho he has a way to go to become the longest lived person to ever appear on the show - Charles Lane reached 102, Estelle Winwood 101 - he is in strong contention for oldest surviving guest star (Phyllis Coates is a few weeks older). Notcom, 022423.

This is the only PM appearance for Jeanne Moody, who was Miss Alabama in 1951...MikeM. 11/7/2016

One of the episodes where Burger tries to get Perry to "take the stand" and Perry has stalling tactics and points of order up his sleeve in order to NOT testify. Submitted by HamBurger 7/15/2018

Allison Hayes and H.M. Wynant also appeared in TCOT Bogus Books. Submitted by Steve Fox, 11/4/23.