Goof: Lloyd Castle, on the stand, refers to Jenny Bartlett as Miss Barton. Later, on the stand, Perry correctly calls her Bartlett.

Location: This is another episode shot around Malibou Lake. There are two scenes that show the Clubhouse building. The main differences are the Haven Motel sign and the Coke machine. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 2/12/08, via email. Posted by daveb. A picture of the building and some screen shots can be found here. Read more at The Lakes.

Location: The Nesbitt cabin on the lake should seem familiar to Perry and Della. Perry stayed there in the TCOT Angry Mourner. It was also used again in TCOT Watery Witness. Altogether, we get a pretty good sense of the property. I'm guessing since it was reused so many times, it may have had some connection to the studio/cast/crew. Submitted by billp, 6/9/2011.

Karl Held makes his first appearance on Perry playing Bruce Nesbitt. He will make 9 more appearances in season 5 playing David Gideon, Perry’s (and Paul’s) assistant each time. Submitted by PaulDrake33, 3/6/2009; updated by gracenote, 7/6/2011.
+ Minor correction: in Karl Held's next Perry appearance, episode 122 The Case Of The Grumbling Grandfather, he does indeed play David Gideon, grandson of the episode's titular character; however, he does not appear as Perry's assistant until episode 126 The Case of the Missing Melody. jfh 02Jan2018.
++ I always thought Karl Held was kind of a stick when he played David Gideon, but as Bruce Nesbitt I think he did a pretty good job. OLEF641 3/4/21

++ Karl Held's acting was better in this one. Too bad his character was such a jerk. But that's acting I suppose. JohnK, 21 November 2022

Sightings: Blue Collar Guy is briefly visible (through the glare on the windshield) as the truck driver who picks up Willard Nesbitt in front of the motel. More about him and other frequently-seen people here. Submitted by alan_sings, 9/26/10.
+ During the hearing, the Little Old Lady in a Hat, Distinguished Lady #3, and “Miss Carmody” sit in the gallery (prosecutor’s side) during the hearing. Distinguished Gentleman #1 appears on the defendant’s side, and at some point “Miss Carmody” teleported there, because we see her leaving on the defendant’s side. Submitted by gracep 11/6/2010.
+The Distinguished Lady #4 joins the courtroom scene in the back row. Bill767, 1/3/16.

+We also get a few quick looks at Mediterranean Woman, in the middle of the gallery on the prosecution side. She seems to have a new more sleek hairdo. JohnK, 21 November 2022

Costume Goof: At 1:48, Willard Nesbit returns to his cabin after swimming ashore and collapsing into the mud; but his shirt seems remarkably clean and dry. The smudges on his cheeks and forehead do not correspond to the severity of his ordeal. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 20 October 2012.

Continuity Goof: At 6:30, we see Eve and Bruce Nesbitt leaving their cottage, each carrying a suitcase. But when the scene shifts to the driveway, Bruce doesn't seem to have his suitcase any more. We certainly don't hear him put it into the back of the car or close the back window before he gets in and they drive off. Submitted by 10yearoldfan, 20 October 2012.
+ Bruce is still holding the suitcase in his left hand; you can see his left arm held straight down (due to the weight of his suitcase) and you can see a brief flash of the suitcase as Eve is placing her suitcase in the car and then another flash of the light-colored sweater he is holding above the suitcase in his left hand. The director may have told the actor not to make any additional noise by placing the suitcase in the car or closing the door since he knew the back of the car would not be seen when the car drives off. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 8/06/14.

CARS. (1) 1961 Plymouth Savoy 4-Door Sedan, POLICE B&W, Lic No " E 606". Appears with Second Deputy early & half-way thru show. Same make/model/yr was in ep#s106 & 107.

The first character on the Sheriff's licence plate is actually an "E" inscribed in an octagon, signifying a government-owned, fee-exempt vehicle. Added by Gary Woloski, 10/29/12.

Wrong Word: With Lloyd Castle on the stand, Perry again uses "infer" when "imply" is more fitting. 34:35 on the DVD. JohnK 7 October 2015
> I respectfully disagree: Perry is discussing Nesbitt's spending spree, and says (something to the effect that) "you inferred he was spending it on his wife"; that's exactly what Castle had done (deduce or conclude [information] from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements) Notcom, 031822.

Confounded Contract: At 7:55 on the DVD we see the supposed contract for dissolution of the partnership. But from the small portion shown, it describes an employment contract for a TV script (as it mentions "photoplay"), more so than a mining enterprise. JohnK, 7 October 2015.

This is the first of three PM appearances for James Millhollin...MikeM. 9/6/2016

This is the first of two PM appearances for Edward Binns...MikeM. 9/6/2016

This is the third of eight PM appearances for Les Tremayne, who was born in London in 1913...MikeM. 12/13/2016

Wally Brown was in several PM's including one as the murderer.Joe B. 10/04/2019

This is the only Perry appearance for the lovely Carol Ohmart (Jenny Bartlett). Ms. Ohmart was the star of a Michael Curtiz film noir, The Scarlett Hour. jfh 18Feb2020.