Am I the only one who thinks Uncle Julian's words to Merle before he realizes she is sleepwalking are just plain creepy? Welshwoman 0201-2015
+ Uncle Julian is played by John Dall who makes his first of four PM appearances in this episode. No one does "creepy" better than John Dall! jfh 01Nov2016
++ Correction Julian is Merle's cousin, not her uncle. And his remarks to her in that opening scene are indeed creepy and pervy, uncle or cousin! Shudder! Submitted by JazzBaby, 3/17/2019.
+++ Creepy, verging on sexual harassment and exploitation of the developmentally disabled. Ugh. Submitted by catyron, May 23, 2021.
>>> IMHO Merle isn't developmentally disabled, rather, she's been manipulated into believing she is. jfh 07Nov2022
++++ There's plenty of creepy all around in this one. And the episode ends with the youngster initiating some of that out-of-place kissing in Perry's office. JohnK, 30 December 2021.
+++++Although John Dahl may be best known for Rope, his best role IMHO was in the film noir classic Gun Crazy. Submitted by Kenmore 09/01/2020
++++++ Agreed, Kenmore. That is a not-to-be-missed film. Dall was outstanding in it, and makes me wonder why he wasn’t a bigger star. Submitted by Rickapolis 12/30/21
+++++++ John Dall's film career got off to a rapid start even before Rope and Gun Crazy, with another good role in 1945's The Corn is Green starring PM alumna Bette Davis, for which he garnered an Academy Award nomination. JohnK, 30 December 2021.

Playing Corbett, Billy Halop makes his first of three appearances here on Perry. Billy Halop began his acting career in the play/movie Dead End, playing one of the little tough guys. He made several more movies along with the other little tough guys, but quit before they became the Bowery Boys. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 12 August 2009.
+ In later years, Billy Halop had a recurring role on All in the Family as Bert Munson, the cab company owner Archie worked for part-time, until his death in 1976. His sister Florence Halop had recurring roles on St. Elsewhere and Night Court before her death in 1986. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 7/02/12.

Uncredited Actors / Sightings: Don Anderson makes another dual appearance here. First he appears as a guest at Merle’s 21st birthday party, though I could not spot him in any shots before the murder, only after the investigation is underway. In the last scenes in the courtroom he is the spectator seated next to Margo Stevens (Carol Andreson) and directly in front of Joan Staley. Earlier in the trial, he is not in that spot. Submitted by FredK 4 October 2010.
+ The venerable Bess Flowers appears as a guest at the same birthday party, along with Bert Stevens. Submitted by gracep 10/5/2010.
++ Earlier in the courtroom hearing, Anderson does appear in a cutaway behind Cousin Julian, along with Quiet Old Man #1. Bert Stevens peeks over Mason’s shoulder at least once (although in wider shots he disappears). Submitted by gracep 1/7/2010.

For the umpteenth time this season, despite onscreen credit, Lt. Tragg (Ray Collins) does not appear. Submitted by gracep 1/7/2010.

CARS. (1) A 1959-1961 Cadillac Fleetwood Seventy-Five Sedan or Limousine (1961 shown), chauffeured by Corbett, takes Merle to the travel agency. The shape of the rear-most side-window beside Merle is indubitably that of a '59 or later Cadillac Series Seventy-Five ('59, '60, '61 or '62).

  • (2) 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible, mainly medium color, top down. Danny Pierce, in tux, drives to Gina's motel room. The bit of chrome trim seen here is unique to the '56 Bel Air.
  • (3) 1955-'58 Metropolitan Coupe, BLUE STREAK MESSENGER SERVICE, 2-tone blue/white (What else could it be?). Year ID: '53-55s had a fake hood scoop and '59-62s had side-draft windows (wings). BLUE STREAK has neither. See Wikipedia article.

For the first time this season, despite the "Automobiles Supplied by . . . Ford Motor Company" end-credit, no Ford product appears in the episode (other than coincidental minor background cars). In contrast, there were No Fords & No Credit in Episodes 129 (no cars at all) & 131 (no brand-new Fords). Also see Trivia re:"Closing Credits" for Ep# 126. Added by Gary Woloski, 4/14/13.

The ship model in the window of the travel agency is of the QUEEN MARY, an active passenger liner until 1967. She is now retired in Long Beach,CA (wiki here). Added by Gary Woloski, 4/11/13

C'mon, music fans! I can't believe no one has yet identified the music playing at the beginning. It's the first movement of Alexander Borodin's String Quartet No. 2 in D. The third movement contains a very famous, instantly recognizable, and very beautiful melody. Submitted by 65tosspowertrap, 10/26/2013.

This was the fifth of six episodes where the three main characters (defendant, victim, killer) are female. The first four were episodes 30,31,37,143. The last one is episode 204 TCOT Woeful Widower. Submitted by H. Mason 9/26/14

Business For Perry: Another story where Perry got his client because of Paul. Submitted by H. Mason 12/12/14

Vanishing Vessel: The spice jar on Perry's credenza once again goes missing, this time at 39 minutes on the DVD. JohnK, 19 October 2015.

The Curious Coffee Set makes an appearance in Perry's office as Della pours. jfh 07Feb2017.
+Cups de Couture: In the luncheon fashion show at about 8 minutes in, we see scores of our Curious Cups, alongside, I believe, puzzling sugar bowls and mysterious creamers, on the restaurant tables. JohnK, 30 December 2021.

This is the only PM appearance for Jana Taylor...MikeM. 11/1/2016

This is the third of four PM appearances for Joan Staley, who later was in a single Ironside episode...MikeM. 11/1/2016

This is the only PM appearance for Jorja Curtright, who was married to writer/producer Sidney Sheldon from 1951 until her death in 1985...MikeM. 2/7/2017

When she played 21-year-old Merle in this episode, actress Jana Taylor was still 18 years old...MikeM. 11/7/2017

Perry has been kissed many times in the series but I think this is the only time Paul has ever been kissed. Kilo 4/5/2022.

Gavel and Other Statistics For Season Five: Gavel: not used in any episodes, Pencil Tapping: 11 episodes, Coast Guard Investigation: 1 episode, two different courts: 2 episodes, including the CG panel, gavel on judge's bench: 0 episodes.
Note: At one point during the CG panel in Episode #140, TCOT Captain's Coins, one of the panelists knocks on the table with his knuckles to call the court to order. OLEF641 7/25/22
Jana Taylor reminds be of Annette Funicello in “Beach Blanket Bingo”. Kilo 1/5/2023.