The Crying Cherub painting from #89, TCOT Crying Cherub, can be seen in Otto Gervaert’s studio. Submitted by Xanthippe Svanström, 11/30/2004.
+ The Crying Cherub can also be seen in #187, TCOT Reluctant Model, in Goring Gilbert’s studio. Submitted by daveb, 11/22/2007.
+ Also, seen on Gervaert’s studio wall is the supposed Karl Van Hooten The Purple Woman, from the Case of the same name. Added by dwhite, 12/3/2011.

The painting that Otto Gervaert picks up in his studio can also be seen in #187, TCOT Reluctant Model, and #260, TCOT Sausalito Sunrise. See appearances here. Submitted by daveb, 11/22/2007.

Location: In the opening scene, there is a view of a dimly lit building with the words “Merry Go-Round” on it. This is the Looff Hippodrome on the Santa Monica Pier. The La Monica Ballroom at the pier is seen in the background as Paul and Perry drive to Otto’s place. Submitted by Eric Cooper, 3/25/2008. Some pictures and vidcaps here and here.

Location: Otto’s place as seen in 2009 courtesy Eric Cooper, 5/1/2009. See here.

Uncredited Actors: Don Anderson is among the guests at Gabe Phillips’ going-away party. From the number of times he appeared as a party guest, I think we can assume that Anderson owned his own tuxedo. Submitted by FredK, 3 Nov 2010.
+ Bert Stevens and Bess Flowers turn up at the same party. Quite a shindig! Later, Lee Miller appears in several scenes as Sgt. Brice. Submitted by gracenote, 7/19/2011.

Sightings: At least one recurring courtroom spectator made the field trip to Port Harmony to watch Perry Mason in action, namely Distinguished Gentleman #1 despite his busy work schedule. I suppose the others couldn’t make it. Submitted by gracep, 12/22/2010.
+ Besides that, the Gentleman removed his toupee and reprised his role from “TCOT Violent Vest” as the creepy morgue attendant, this time turning up a sheet for identification. Submitted by gracenote, 7/19/2011.
+ At a restaurant, Distinguished Lady #3 drinks and smokes at a table near Perry, Della, Paul. The camera pans by her table just before theirs. Submitted by gracenote, 7/20/2011.

Is this yet another episode without Ray Collins as Lt. Tragg, despite receiving credit in the opening and trailing titles? (Yes.) Submitted by gracep, 1/7/2010.

Don’t Bogart that joint… In the opening sequence while Myer and Glovatski are conversing under the pier, they are sharing what appears to be marijuana joint. Very much in keeping with “artist colony” life style. Weed makes another appearance in Episode 57 “TCOT Jaded Joker.“ While Lt. Tragg questions Buzzie sitting at the piano in Danny Ross’s apartment, Buzzie is kind enough to offer the “Shamus” a toke. Submitted by Mason Jar, 7/25/2011.
+ except that it wasn't. jfh 22Apr2024

Music: Horst Jankowski’s “A Walk In The Black Forest” (see TCOT Missing Melody) is used as background music in the café scene with Perry and Della. Submitted by Mason Jar 7/25/2011.

Music: There is no formal music credit, indicating that most, if not all, of the score came from CBS stock music. A great moment, however, comes from Phillips return to Part Harmony, having been lured there on the phone. The repeated staccato chords greatly add to the suspense as he approaches the apartment house. Submitted by dwhite, 12/3/2011.

Sound effects goof: Just after Miss Whilom has first detected the return of Otto, and wants to go and see him, she opens a door. This is accompanied by the standard door opening/closing sound effect that is heard in pretty much every episiode. Door handle turns, a couple of seconds later and thus normally off-camera, the door gently slams shut. Only in that scene, the camera stays on the door. She and the girl haven't gone through it yet, but unfortunately we still hear the door closing. Submitted by Clothears, 22-Oct-2021.

CARS. (1) Gabe Phillips' medium-color Mercedes Benz 300SL Roadster, white top up , License No TJL 955. More in Comments section.

Background Cars. When Perry & Paul drive to Otto's place in Perry's Lincoln, the cars on the highway on-ramp are:

The cars parked at the coffee shop where Perry & Paul take a break are:

The last parked car they pass on the beachfront drive before arriving at Otto's place is:

Perry's Lincoln Continental, with the doors wide open, is used as the "Stage" for the final wrap-up scene. Without actors in the way, it looks like this ('61 shown, minor differences in trim). Added by Gary Woloski, 3/26/13.

Unsolved Mysteries: What happened to the second bullet? Submitted by H. Mason 12/1/14
+ I have added a possible answer at the bottom of this page, under a SPOILER banner. OLEF641 4/20/21

Moved Body: In the previous 145 episodes the body of the murder victim was moved approximately 30 times. This case set a record. The body was moved about 120 miles. Submitted by H. Mason 12/1/14

Lane Bradford: Usually seen in many low budget westerns and usually on the wrong side of the law, appeared in this story as Port Harmony police Sgt. Buck. Submitted by H. Mason 12/1/14

This is the first of two PM appearances for Arline Sax. In her second appearance she would be billed as Arlene Martel. She reportedly acquired the Martel name when she lived on Martel Avenue in Los Angeles...MikeM. 10/21/2016.
+ Her most famous role was on Star Trek as T'Pring, the woman Spock almost married. Submitted by vgy7ujm on 28 May 2020
++ She also appeared on Hogan's Heroes seven times, mostly as underground operative Tiger. OLEF641. 4/19/21

This is the only PM appearance for Pamela Curran, who appeared in three episodes of the television series "Laramie"...MikeM. 1/27/2017

Port Mystery where is Port Harmony ?? We're told it's 120 miles away, or two hours (one half of a four hr round trip) so presumably that's not as the gull flies but rather as the gull(wing) drives. We're not told north or south, but south would be in Mexico, so presumably north: in reality it would be almost precisely at Gaviota. Notcom, 042021.
+ I figured that as well. Throughout the episode people refer to going to or being "up" in Port Harmony. In California, "up" always means "north." Submitted by catyron, May 13th, 2021.