Location: The Monterey building - The Monterey building about 3 or 4 minutes into this episode as well as 20 to 25 minutes in, is located at 804 N. Las Palmas, Los Angeles 90038. At the time it was 800 N. Las Palmas and you can see 800 on the front door. If you compare the Google Map photo to the video 20 minutes in you can see the original front door is still in use as are the black lanterns on each side. The entire entrance with all the molding is still there as well the 4 designs on the balcony above. Brown accents have been recently added. This building can also be seen briefly 15 minutes into episode #97. This building is just 2 blocks down Las Palmas from the studio where Perry was being filmed making this location an easy one to shoot. See episode #78 for more info about the studio. Posted by Eric Cooper 1 February 2010. Some pictures here.

Location: Santa Rosa - Santa Rosa - the seat of Sonoma County where "wine country & farm country, redwood forests & rivers, lakes & ocean meet" - is 55 miles North of San Francisco (City of Santa Rosa website). Mike Bedard 2.17.15.
+ The town of Santa Rosa was mentioned in this episode, but the locations are all in Southern California. For a look at the real Santa Rosa, see the 1942 film "Shadow of a Doubt" directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Submitted by catyron 11/23/17.

Sightings: Another good day for courtroom regulars! Behind Barbara Bain sits the Little Old Lady in a Hat, and behind her is Quiet Old Man #1. Distinguished Lady #2 is somewhat to his right. When court reconvenes, a Cute Young Lady appears near the center aisle. Read more about these recurring background actors here. Submitted by gracep, 9/29/2010.
+ Omitted one! Distinguished Gentleman #1 is a waiter. See these pix, which are omitted from the syndication print, which begins the scene just as DG #1 goes offscreen behind the counter (blink and you miss it). Added by gracep 10/3/2010.
+ DG#1 does not make a convincing waiter -- it looks as though he's afraid of that cup of coffee. JohnK, 21 December 2015
+ And given the fact that DG#1 plays the role of morgue attendant in several episodes, including Episode #119 TCOT Violent Vest, I think I'll pass on that coffee. Added by Dan K, 11/3/16.
+ Distinguished Lady #4 occupies an aisle seat in the gallery for a time, and then reappears elsewhere. Little Old Lady #2 appears when court reconvenes. Submitted by gracenote, 11/30/2011.
+ Miss Carmody plays the matron both in court and the jail. Submitted by Bill767, 10/31/15.
+ For those who came in late, Distinguished Gentleman #1 is the actor Rudolph Salinger, who played a waiter named "Rudy" in a previous episode, among his many other duties. Submitted by catyron, February 3rd, 2021.

Uncredited Actors: Oft-uncredited Robert Wegner appears as the scowling second arresting officer. Read more about him here. Submitted by gracep, 9/29/2010.

Continuity Error: In the second part of the hearing, the Little Old Lady in a Hat (see Sightings above) is repositioned behind Roger Byrd, but then she magically reappears in another shot behind Lucky Sterling. Then she is back again behind Byrd. The Quiet Old Man (see above) is behind her, too. Submitted by gracep, 9/29/2010.

Continuity Error: When Paula uses the door buzzer at Roger Byrd’s apartment it is mounted on the door trim. Later when Lt. Tragg is inspecting the door knob, the button has moved to the wall next to the trim. Submitted by Bill H, 7/29/2011.

TCOT Curious Coffee Set: As Perry interviews Madelyn Terry (Barbara Bain), she sips placidly from a cup from the Curious Coffee Set. Submitted by gracenote, 11/30/2011.
+ I believe this is the first PM appearance of this peripatetic porcelain. In Mason's office at this point Della is still pouring the Chase & Sanborn into little glass cups, and the CCS does not appear at the Brent Building for a few more episodes. Perhaps Perry later received them in a settlement from "Lucky" Sterling. JohnK. 1 October 2015.
+ After watching all the shows once and then re-watching from show #1 up to this point on a second run, looking for coffee cups, i can confirm JohnK's observation -- this is, officially the first appearance of the Curious Coffee Set. Submitted by catyron, February 3rd, 2021.

CARS. (1) opening scene, murder car is Charles Huston's black 1955 Buick Special Riviera Coupe (early-50s Buick terminology: "Special"=Buick base model line, "Riviera"=Hardtop, "Coupe"=2-door).

Car(3) was Hamilton Burger's car in Ep#83, TCOT Prudent Prosecutor. Did the DA imprudently trade his car for a share of the Fair Chance Oil Well? Submitted by Gary Woloski, 6/26/12.
+Chronological Car Anomaly: The car that goes over the cliff at 02:14 - 02:17 is an older car than the 1955 Buick Special Coupe murder car at 0:49. It has the pointy hood and grille of the 1930s-1940s streamline era. I wonder if someone has seen that car take that same dive in a another movie. Submitted by catyron 11/23/17.
+Chronological Car Anomaly, Take 2: The same old-car-over-the-cliff footage appears in Ep#103, TCOT Provocative Protege at 04:50. Submitted by catyron 12/10/17.

The ubiquitous music composed by Bernard Herrmann for the pilot of The Twilight Zone, "Where Is Everybody?" can be heard for at least the third time in the third season in this episode. Here it can be heard from 20:06 to 22:01 during Paula's discovery of the body and her attempted escape. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 11/4/13.
+ Speaking of The TZ, when Charles Houston meets Roger Byrd in the coffee shop with the blackmail money the scene opens with the waiter bringing Byrd a cup of coffee. He's wearing one of those caps that soda jerks wore back in the day. When I saw him the first thing I thought of was The TZ episode where the soda jerk lifted his cap to expose a third eye in the middle of his forehead. Also in that coffee shop scene, on the wall, you can see the NO CREDIT, NO CHECKS CASHED sign that was seen previously in Tepper's general store in episode 80, TCOT Violent Village. Submitted by Kilo 5/16/2018.
+ Update: The Twilight Zone episode is "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?", (1961). See additional discussion in the Trivia section of episode #112, TCOT Wintry Wife. Submitted by Kilo 6/13/2018.

Actor Douglas Kennedy's final acting appearances are an oddity. He appeared in three episodes of Hawaii Five-0 in three consecutive months in the same season: January 1973, February 1973 and March 1973 - playing three different characters. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 11/4/13.
+ Douglas Kennedy, especially when seen in silhouette, always reminds me of a larger, more handsome Richard Nixon, which is odd, given his surname. Submitted by catyron, February 3rd, 2021.

++ Sinister Suit: In his several PM appearances, I find Douglas Kennedy a highly convincing bad guy businessman. And he could work multiple modes: The other day I saw him in a great (though uncomplex) black-hat role in a 1950 episode of The Long Ranger. JohnK, September 24 2021

Richard Gaines presided in 14 Perrys (5%) from 1958-61; he played Cochise & Abraham Lincoln in "TV Reader's Digest" in the mid-50s [IMDb]. Mike Bedard 2.17.15.

Killer closing ad...In the lower left corner of the closing credits, there was a product shown. The wording on it was: "Colgate's Florient Flora Air Deodorant, Kills Offensive Odors"...MikeM. 7/28/2016

This is the second of five PM appearances for Lori March, who was married to actor/narrator Alexander Scourby...MikeM. 11/3/2016

This is third of four PM appearances for King Calder, who was born Albert King Calder in Baltimore in 1897...MikeM.8/3/2017

Quotation: The "old nursery rhyme" Roger Byrd quotes in the coffee shop is actually from Victorian poet Matthew Arnold's poem "Resignation": "Yet they, believe me, who await / No gifts from Chance, have conquer’d Fate." Old Dave, 9/10/2020

False Flag the glimpse was brief, so I'm not 100% sure, but the deer that Byrd is viewing thru his lens appears to be a white-tail rather than the black-tail(Mule ear) that one would find in California. Notcom 101122.