Goof: Near the end of the final courtroom scene, Marvin Claridge (Vinton Hayworth) is on the stand. He says “Because Mr. Alexander Hill approached me himself the day after Helen was murdered.” Cut to a shot of Mason saying “Thank you. That’ll be all Mr. Claridge.” Cut to a reaction shot of Hamilton Burger. Behind Burger, in the gallery to the left, we see none other that Mr. Claridge watching himself testify! Submitted by Jeff Hanson, 1/7/2003. Pictures here.

Talman, farewell. The opening of this episode goes back to the second season opening, the one where Della and Paul are at the defense table and Tragg and Burger are at the prosecution table. This must have been stock footage, since William Talman no longer worked for CBS. Submitted by PaulDrake 33, 5/22/2009.
+ This must be the second third of two three episodes filmed before March 1960 and not previously shown, because it was aired on 24 September 1960, 6 months after CBS fired William Talman. Beginning next week, Talman will no longer be featured. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. Edited by gracep, 10/14/2010
+ For more information about Talman’s woes and the story behind his departure, see related trivia items for episodes #87-89 and #95-96. Submitted by gracep, 10/14/2010.
++ A clearer understanding of the order of episodes can be had by observing the production numbers conveniently given at the end of each episode from third season on. This episode is Prod#99. Prod#98 was broadcast 10 episodes previously in March 1960. Prod#101-103 (with William Talman and the "new" opening) were broadcast after Prod#104-108 without the actor. Apparently while CBS the corporation wanted to fire William Talman, CBS the network wanted him on the series and mixed the episodes so that Talman would be seen occasionally while they still had episodes featuring the actor and certainly wanted him in the fourth season premiere (and the second broadcast episode of the season [this episode]) as well. So this was not Talman's farewell, he filmed another four episodes (Prod#100-103) afterwards. Another argument for putting episodes on DVD in production order and not the arbitrary broadcast order. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 12/01/13.

Star Trek Alert: Bart Conrad, the Autopsy Surgeon, played Captain Krasnovsky in the original series Star Trek episode "The Court Martial". Krasnovsky was one of the judges in the court martial of Kirk for alleged killing a crew member (he didn't). Conrad appeared in another Perry episode, TCOT Blind Man's Bluff. Submitted by MyFavoritePolarBear, 1/18/23.

Location: About 15 minutes into the episode we see Perry pull up to a house with his client. Tragg is standing under the archway of the front door and 812 is clearly visible. This is in fact 812 N. Las Palmas Los Angeles 90038. If you Google Map it you can see the same house with the distinctive archway and odd roofline minus the awning. Also compare the archway of the 2 story apartment building to the left of the subject house. Same today. At the top of the scene you can see 804 N. Las Palmas. At the time it was 800 Las Palmas and you can see 800 on the front door. For a closer look see episode #85 where the building was the star called the “Monterey.” There is a great scene as a woman scales down the exterior on the fire escape. Lastly, this block is just 2 blocks away from the studio where Perry Mason was being shot at the time. Thus it was an easy location for cast and crew from the studio at 1040 N. Las Palmas. Try and see how many car registrations etc. appear on the show with that address. Posted by Eric Cooper 17 February 2010. Some pictures here.
+ That house was also used as the Colin home in episode 75 Paul Drake's Dilemma. Submitted by H. Mason 11/1/14
++ The exterior of Alex Hill's hotel is The Town House aka the Sheraton West, which also appears in episodes #255 and #111 (in the latter case, doubling as Perry's home.)

Sightings: Blue Collar Guy appears as a bystander at the faked hit-and-run accident scene. More about him and other frequently-seen people here. Submitted by alan_sings, 9/26/10.
+ Distinguished Gentleman #1 and Distinguished Lady #2 watch the proceedings only on the second day, whereas “Miss Carmody,” Quiet Old Man #1, and Quiet Old Man #2 show up for both days. Submitted by gracep 10/14/2010.

CARS. This is the last legitimate appearance for both Perry's '59 Skyliner and Tragg's '59 Electra 225. They do briefly appear together in a single shot in Ep#106 but I believe that is leftover footage from Season 3 used for convenience by the Film Editor to set a scene.

Background Cars: parked in the street as Perry arrives at 812 N. Las Palmas, we quickly see

Oh-Oh!!! And there's that ominous KYL 907 plate again! Added by Gary Woloski, 9/2/12.

When Burger asks to recall Everett Dorrell if the defense has no objection, Mason (offscreen) replies "No objection." On the Season 4 Volume 1 DVD the closed-captioning has the judge saying that line. The syndicated version's closed-captioning does not specify who says the line, correctly assuming that it is Mason. Submitted by Wiseguy70005, 12/01/13.

Brent Building: In this story we became aware of other tenants. More can be seen in episodes 38, 68, 149, 238 and 264. Submitted by H. Mason 11/1/14

The Judge: Willis Bouchey made his first appearance as a judge in Los Angeles. He presided over cases in Fawnskin (episode 80 TCOT Violent Village) and Outcast (episode 93 TCOT Ominous Outcast). Submitted by H. Mason 11/1/14

According to imdb, this is the last of 28 episodes of PM directed by William D. Russell...MikeM. 8/12/2016

This is the only PM appearance for Nan Peterson, who appeared in four episodes of The Twilight Zone...MikeM.11/21/2016

Crew Visible: When Dorrell tries to turn on his headlights the camera switches to a view of the headlights to show they didn't come on. The reflection of a crew member can be seen walking in chrome surrounding the headlight. Submitted by Kilo 8/7/2017.