The guy from the credit union said they tried to track Nelson Barclift all the way to South America to recover a $200 loan. Wow, that bank must have really wanted their money back! In a pre-Internet age, to spend that amount of time and manpower for $200? How much interest could have really accrued?

The latter part of the opening scene of the car driving to the ranch is also used in #248, TCOT Hasty Honeymooner. See here. Submitted by Adam Kamil, 8/2/2007.
+ At one point, Eula (Diana Millay) and Willard (Parley Baer) go out to the Chevy for a ride. Eula drives. Maybe it's just me, but does she have trouble getting the car moving? Since this is a base model, it may have "three on a tree" ( 3 speed column mount manual transmission). Perhaps Diana Millay wasn't too proficient in driving standards. If you look closely at the stripped down, 1950's Fords and Chevvies used in the various episodes,(taxicabs etc), many have 3 speed manuals. Submitted by Bill-W2XOY on 08/13/2013.
++ Speaking of cars, apparently the show's producers weren't crazy about sending the nice '63 Lincoln Continental driven by that "Texas millionaire" over the cliff; in that shot, a plain, older Ford was substituted for the fiery plunge. Submitted by Francis, 8 January 2013.
+++ I'm guessing that the production budget didn't include the cost of dumping a car (albeit probably a wreck from the junkyard) over a cliff. They probably used stock footage for most, if not all, of these scenes in the show. I'm sure they at least tried to match up the footage with the type of car it was supposed to be, but had to settle at times, like in this episode. Remember, people weren't watching then with as critical an eye as we are now, so the mismatch probably wasn't noticed as much. OLEF641 6/19/21

Location: The exteriors are of Upper Iverson Ranch in Chatsworth. About 17 minutes into the episode Eula and Nelson drive up to a cabin. That is the same cabin used in Episode #88. It was also used in the movie Tennessee Partner starring Ronald Reagan. Submitted by Eric Cooper 6 July 2010. More about the cabin can be found here.
+ The story's setting seems to be in & around the fictional town of "Paige": Paige Cafe (next-door to Hupp's office), Paige Feed Co & Paige Hotel. Gary Woloski, 5/25/14.
++ Paige Courthouse too. Submitted by catyron, May 24th, 2018

When Eula (Diana Millay) checks with Barclift (Alan Hale) about having his bridgework done, Hale puts a hand to his right lower jaw near the back teeth and complains about how big it feels. Yet when Paul Drake inquires with Dr. Lewis (Nelson Ohlmstead) about the bridge, the dentist touches his upper jaw just to the left of center. In the one shot we see of the spare bridge, the tooth looks fairly large, more like one from the location Hale indicated. Submitted by FredK 4Nov2012

CARS. (1) Willard Hupp's dark-color 1955 Chevrolet 210 2-Door Sedan w/optional grill guard (between front bumperettes), Lic No FZE 664. Adam Kamil's entry above refers to this car. This ad shows all models.

  • (2) light-color 1954 Ford F-100 V8 PickUp, probably Grover Johnson's. First seen parked at Johnson ranch; later Grover, Eula & Les take it into town. Possible Lic No F83 955 (24:50).
  • (3) Nelson Barclift's white 1963 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Sedan, Lic No CJC 774 (?). Year easily ID'd by square eggcrate grill.
  • (3a) standing-in for Car(3), a light-color 1957 Ford Fairlane 4-Door Sedan takes the "fiery plunge" by a waterfall at 16:12.
  • (4) Walter Jefferies' medium-color 1964 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible, Lic No DEM 265. Rear view here. This is the First 1964 Model-Year Car to appear in Perry Mason; it is showcased at 20:39, 21:44 & 22:38. "DEM 265" was also the plate on the customized Buick Villa Riviera, Car(2) in Ep#188.
  • (5) Perry's white 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible, top down. Parked in the background whenever Perry & Paul visit Hupp's office in town; prominent in the closing scene [note: interior upholstery is '63 & the pattern matches Car(3)'s].
  • (6) Sherrif's 1963 Ford Galaxie 4-Door Sedan Police B&W with center siren & 2 side flashers on roof. His shoulder patch reads "DEPUTY SHERRIFF" (30:56).

Background Cars seen parked near Hupp's realty office in town:

Chrysler Corp also got its new-model-year cars on the show before the other auto makers in the 1961 & 1962 model-years (Episodes 106 & 136). Added by Gary Woloski, 5/25/14.

This is the second of two PM writing credits for Arthur Orloff. According to imdb, this was Orloff's final writing assignment for film or television. Orloff passed in Beverly Hills CA in 1994 at the age of 85...MikeM. 12/26/2016

This is the third of three PM appearances for Diana Millay, who appeared in over sixty episodes of "Dark Shadows"...MikeM. 4/3/2017

The bridge is meant to be the clincher for the identification of Alan Hale's character's body, although the word is never used on the show...Red Chief, 16/5/2017

This is the second episode where Allan Hale Jr and Diana Millay appeared together. They were also in The Case of the Unwelcome Bride where her father in law tries to buy her out of the marriage to his son. DaveH 1/11/2019