Ken Lynch plays against type in this episode, playing the owner of a large electronics firm. Mr. Lynch almost always played a cop, detective, FBI agent, or some other tough guy. Submitted by PaulDrake 33. 2 September 2009.
+ I am suspicious from the start of any Ken Lynch character appearing in PM, stemming from his brutal beating of Bishop Mallory in TCOT Stuttering Bishop. True to form, he shows poor ethics in this outing as well, trying -- in vain -- to cheat his partner out of the value he added to the business. JohnK. 1 October 2015 The final courtroom exchange between Perry and Lois Langley(Kasey Rogers)is especially riveting, one I can watch over and over. Joe B. 11/18/21

In Robert Hayden's office, Perry actually takes two puffs from the cigarette Mr. Hayden used the machine to light. Perry usually only lights cigarettes without smoking them. jfh 06Dec2017.

In his first scene, Paul uncharacteristically wears a suit. Later, he changes to his usual spiffy sport coat. Other than some decorative scorch marks, Frazer's lab doesn't seem to have suffered much fire damage.
Rather careless of Perry to leave his balcony door not just unlocked, but partly open. Since there doesn’t appear to be any glass in the doors, anyway, it probably doesn’t much matter. DOD 08/29/18
+ You'd think he would have learned after TCOT Dubious Bridegroom. OLEF641 2/4/21

Buick Survey. 1959 and 1960 Buicks appear in half of the episodes of Season 3 (13 of the 26 Episode#s 70-95 or, if you wish, in 14 of the 28 Episode#s 70-97):

In each of the model-years 1959 and 1960, Buick produced a bewildering array of at least 17 distinct Models resulting from the available combinations of six Body Styles with the four Model Lines. Read more at Seventy Years of Buick by George H. Dammann, pp 263-272. The identifications above are based on the aggregate of the 24 appearances across the season; for many of the individual appearances, there is not enough seen in the single episode to make such positive identifications. Nor are Lic No's always seen. I do believe that there actually was this small number of cars used, that there was a business relationship between Buick and Paisano/CBS and that these cars were routinely stabled on the lot at 1040 Las Palmas. Added by Gary Woloski 9/12/12.
+ CAR BUSINESS. For a comprehensive account of the "Business" factors involved in provision of vehicles by an auto manufacturer to a TV production company see the excellent article The Cars on CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU? by Martin Grams. Also of interest is Martin's opening discussion about the actual paint colors on "Car 54" and real NYPD cruisers. Compare the actual Car 54 in color, B&W and real NYPD cars in color, B&W. Out West in Perry Mason California, things were somewhat simpler since the "Police Black & Whites" seen on the TV screen were still B&W in full color (but, before 1963, their "white" license plates were really yellow). Gary Woloski, 7/6/17.

The workshop door only has a pull handle on the inside. No mechanism to turn the latch. Kilo 5/13/2021.